Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So I Bought A Blu-Ray Player

For a few months, I been wrestling around with the idea of buying a Blu-Ray player. Here's the short pro and con's list I came up with:

Awesome quality
Super popular now
They're getting cheaper now that EVERYONE and their mother has one

I own a shit ton of DVD's, I'd have to transfer over to Blu-Ray
Blu Ray's generally are expensive as fuck
I normally don't care about movie quality or how it looks.
Seems to mainstream. VHS MOTHERFUCKER!!

But then I went to my local Target and in their clearance section, they had a Blu Ray player for 40 BUCKS! I was like "WHA?!?!?!" So I had to snatch that shit up. So now...I have a Blu-Ray player!

This one. Looks spooky in the dark!

Anyway, now I get to buy Blu-Ray's! How fun! The first two I bought were (I should save this for the next episode of "Jason's Awesome DVD Shelf" but fuck it) "Evil Dead 2" and "Dawn of the Dead (2004)". And TODAY I rented "The Woman in Black" and "The Devil Inside" on Blu Ray! I'm excited!

So I guess what I'll just do is this:
-Buy any future movies I would've bought on DVD on Blu Ray
-Replace any bad DVD's or *AHEM*notrealdvds*COUGHCOUGH* on Blu Ray. Hence, me buying "Evil Dead 2".

I guess I'll open this up. Any interesting movies I should get on Blu Ray? You all know me and should know what I like. I think? Anyway, lay any suggestions on me! I'd love to hear them.

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Nick said...

You realize DVDs work on Blu-Ray players, right? :P

Make sure you have an HDMI cable and a high-def TV, otherwise the Blu-Ray becomes moot. I also wouldn't bother buying EVERY movie on Blu-Ray. Some aren't worth it. At the very least, you could get the combo packs that have both Blu-Ray and DVD.

As for actual movies... Aliens has an amazing Blu-Ray quality to it. Perhaps Scott Pilgrim? Pretty much anything with bright colors, good special effects, or pretty cinematography you'd want on Blu-Ray.

Red said...

I'm not much of the DVD collector, but Blockbuster stores still serve a good purpose here. You can usually get 5 blu-rays for $25-30, sometimes less. I usually just rent my Blu-rays thru Redbox.

Eric said...

Animated features are particularly great on Blu-ray. Rango is probably still the best Blu-ray I have seen yet.

Dave Enkosky said...

Way to go. I still haven't gotten myself a Blu-ray. Mostly because I don't need to start spending a shit-ton of money buying movies on Blu-ray that I already own on DVD. Technology, why you gotta fleece me?

Dylan said...

I have no opinion - I think I'm the worst Blu-Ray owner/movie nerd out there. I got a PS3 a while back (used, from my brother) and I've garnered a few BR discs over the last few months...and haven't watched a single one yet. That might change soon, as I just got a few things I'd never seen at the closing Blockbuster near me (Piranha 3D...not in 3D but on Blu-Ray!).

It also doesn't help that the PS3 fan is incredibly loud and starts up about 2 minutes after playing a disc. Boo.

Will said...

The Troma blu-rays look fantastic and are totally worth getting. They only have Nukem High 1, Tromeo and Juliet, and Poultrygeist so far. That's all I can think of at the moment. Blue Underground and Synapse put out great horror/genre stuff too.