Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did You Know? HORROR Edition

Being bored at home on your day off is dangerous. You just putz around the internet, clicking on shit, until you stumble upon something. (Oddly enough, I WAS NOT on StumbleUpon.) I found this website called "Did You Know?" that tells us weird, but true, facts. Then while looking that up, I found out that there's a parody site called "Did Yuo Kno?" (Grammar Nazi's, lay your weapons down, it's misspelled on purpose) and the parody site is fucking hilarious! And just know that NOTHING on that site is serious, so if anyone here takes it seriously, get off my blog cause clearly you don't have a brain.

Anyway, I do what I do best and ripped them off and now I present to you Did You Know? HORROR Edition!

If you have any you'd like to see made into a Did You Know? Horror Edition, leave them in the comment section!

1 comment:

Dave Enkosky said...

That thing about the guys who watch horror movies being really good at the sex--it's like you have a window into my life.