Monday, March 31, 2008

Movies I Like #2: BASEketball

Before I get all geared up for 30 Days of Horror, I figure I should get this installment out of the way.

I'm probably gonna get torn a new one for this but dammit! I fuckin' love this movie! Yeah, the acting isn't great. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are more famous for appearing in goofy ass B-Movies like "Orgazmo" and "Cannibal: The Musical", and their main talent lies in voice work (Like some small show called South Park or something). And even they admit that they sucked in this movie. There's a scene in the South Park episode "The Passion of the Jew" where Stan and Kenny complain about the movie "The Passion of the Christ" and say something like "This is worst then the time we tried to get our money back from BASEketball".

With all that said, this movie is pretty funny in my book.

The movie is kind of a spoof of sports movies. It starts with Trey and Matt making up a game on the spot to impress two girls. Because they're only good at shooting baskets from one spot without having to dribble or run or play offense or defense, they claim it's from "baseball rules" where one spot is first, the other is second, and so on until you get a homerun. And the best part about the game are the "psyche outs" which is when the opponent can do something to distract the person about to shoot the ball.

Eventually, the game catches on and within five years it becomes a national sport, with teams popping up all over the country. Here is where it turns into your typical sports movie. The team owner, played by Ernest Borgnine, dies and gives the team to Trey, who then must carry the team to number one and into the "World Series of Baseketball". There's an evil guy who wants to buy the team from Trey and ruin the sport by trading players and having them sell out and put their names to every product you can think of and other things that pretty much ruined baseball, football, basketball, and probably even golf.

And there's a love interest, played by Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch fame. The twist here is instead of Trey just trying to get with her, Matt is trying to get with her too!

There's also the little buddy sidekick character they named Squeak, and sometimes Little Bitch, who gets teased. A LOT. And as a play on that whole thing with the sick kid who's last wish is that his sport hero, Trey, does 4 homeruns in one game. When Trey doesn't do it, he rushes to the hospital and there's a great scene where they think he's dead, then they find him in a coma, so they try to shock him back to life using those paddle things.

One funny scene is when Trey finds out that the company that's making the team's offical gear that they been shilling is being made through child labor. So it's up to Trey to but a stop to it but he ends up missing, so he ends up on, of course, Unsolved Mysteries!

I love that this is probably one of the last things Robert Stack did.

If you haven't seen it, you really should look into it. It's a real underappreciate gem. And thanks to the magic that is Youtube, someone compiled all the great "psyche outs" from the movie. Most of it is not safe for work, but why are you reading this at work. Slacker.

I fuckin' love this movie.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Review: Night of the Lepus; 2 Days Till 30 Days!

FINALLY! This little gem about giant killer rabbits find a place on the site. Sorry it's a week or so late.
Night of the Lepus

Also, I put up a page on the site that gives a rundown on what I'll be watching in the month of April. Unless you guys DON'T mind getting daily emails from me, I'd recommend bookmarking the page and checking in on it each day to see the review, article, or whatever I'm gonna write.

30 Days of Horror

Thanks and wish me luck in April!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Northwest Indiana: The Hollywood of the Midwest!

As I write this, famed actor Johnny Depp is presently 20 minutes away from me, in Crown Point, Indiana. He's filming a movie about John Dillinger called "Public Enemies" and majority of the story happens in Crown Point. It's so cool that the star of "Ed Wood", "Edward Scissorhands", and one of Freddy's victims in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (Oh and he was in some Pirate movie I hear) is like breathing in the same mill polluted air as me! How awesome!

What better time to whip together a list of movies, and even some TV shows, that take place in and/or was filmed in Northwest Indiana, where I call home. For the time being.

1. A Christmas Story
Location: Hammond, IN
They never come out and say it's Hammond (for some reason it's Hohman, which is a street in Hammond. Oddly enough, according to the Wikipedia entry it's "Hulman"), but Jean Shepherd who wrote the book, then the movie, AND was the narrator in the film, is from here. There's even a Community Center named after him. If you have careful ears, you'll hear The Father mention Griffith, Indiana in the beginning, and the cloud of his profanity hangs over Lake Michigan to this day. And yes, there is a Warren G. Harding school in Hammond, pretty close to the Community Center actually.
But oddly enough, it wasn't filmed in Hammond, but Cleveland. Why this was picked, I dunno. But it's cool to know that a story that takes place in Hammond, Indiana is being told for 24 hours straight every Christmas.

2. Original Gangstas
Location: Gary, IN
This was a super trippy for me to see. Because not only does the movie take place in Gary, it was filmed IN Gary, almost entirely. So a lot of the exterior shots I was like "I KNOW THAT STREET! I GO IN THAT STORE! I BEEN DOWN THAT ROAD!!" It was weird. Anyway, we have Fred Williamson to thank for this, who is a Gary native. He came up with this idea about a gang terrorizing the residents of Gary and it's up to Fred and some old friends of his, played by Pam Grier and Jim Brown, to stop them! I can't imagine what the meeting was like between Fred and the mayor of Gary at the time of this filming, which was around 1995.

Fred: Yes Mr. Mayor of Gary. I wanna film a movie IN Gary about a gang of thugs who shoot and kill people, and there's going to be drive by shootings and houses blowing up, along with cars. Oh and throughout the movie I'm going to be bad mouthing Gary and urging all the residents to move out cause it's hopeless to fight against the gangs, until I end up doing it the end of the movie.
Mayor of Gary: YES! That'll help this city's image! Here's 200 million dollars!

Or something like that.

3. Richie Rich
Location: Gary Airport
For those of you not in the know, yes Gary has an airport. And yes, a scene from the 1994 live action movie starring Macaulay Culkin was filmed at said airport. It was probably only a 20 second scene (and not important enough to find any images or video on Youtube) but there's a scene towards the end when Richie (or his parents, it's been awhile) get out of an airplane and the entire family hug. Yes, Macaulay Culkin and two other actors, along with a professional film crew, had to fly to Gary, Indiana to film a 20 second clip of three rich characters hugging. I guess Gary's tarmac looked more believeable or something.

4. A Story On "Unsolved Mysteries"
Location: East Chicago, IN
This was a super big deal when this happened back in 1993. Unsolved Mysteries was seriously filming across the fuckin' street from me! And I didn't even know we had an Unsolved Mystery happen across the street from me! I remember the week they were there. There was this big huge semi truck with UNSOLVED MYSTERIES parked right on my block, and the building they were filming was just always crowded with crew, actors, and, considering this is E.C Indiana we're talking about, drunks.
Anyway, the story they were doing was this. Sometime in the early 80's some super important dude, like maybe the mayor or some city offical, went to some party at The Elks Club, which was across the street from where I lived in 1993. During the party he got a mysterious note saying they know what he's really been up to. This either involved drugs, money, or a girl on the side. The note asked to meet in the empty hallway in 10 minutes. So the city offical does and then some mysterious person he didn't see coming came up from behind and stabbed him to death and the mysterious person left. The identity of the killer was never found out, hence it being a "unsolved mystery", and I'm pretty sure it's still unsolved, knowing E.C police.
And no, sadly, Robert Stack wasn't there. They film his things on a sound stage in L.A. Darn.

5. Quantum Leap
Location: Crown Point, IN
This really shocked the hell out of me. The season 4 premire episode, where Sam and Al get switched and Sam is able to go back home for a little while, which means Al is the one who leaped into another body, takes place in Crown Point, Indiana. In the 1940's no less. Not a whole lot is said about the city, except a scene with Al trying to get into a house and he finds that the door is unlocked, in which he comments "Small towns". And as far as I know, this really wasn't filmed in Crown Point. At least I SHOULD'VE known if my all-time favorite show was being filmed 20 minutes away from me. Not that I could've done much about it considering I was 11 or 12 at the time.
And just to point this out, Sam is from Elk Ridge, Indiana, which is a real town, with a website. I love the images on that page. First the dude in the boat on top, then the pics of the hot chicks with babies towards the bottom. If that doesn't define the state of Indiana, I dunno what does.

6. Some Episode of "Early Edition"
Location: Hammond, IN
Ok, this one is vague on my end. Despite this show being super great and awesome, it's not out on DVD and kinda forgotten by now. To refresh your memories, it was about this dude from Chicago who, with the help of a magical ghost cat, got tomorrows newspaper today. And he uses it to help people out with shit. Well, surprise surprise! They actually filmed this show in Chicago. And at times they'd venture out to Indiana. The only time I can recall them filming an episode in Hammond is when me, Bill, and Bill's Mom drove to downtown Hammond and was at a shooting location. We stood there for like an hour and....nothing happened. Well, nothing much. It was in a section of town that's now abandoned and all we saw was just crew people and some lights. The filming was inside a building. After awhile, we just left. And I never found out when that episode aired. But I just wanted to tell that story.
OH! But my friend Bill has two stories about this show.
1. He was IN an episode of Early Edition! Seriously!! There was an episode where Gary, the main guy, had to pretend to be a substitute teacher at some high school to save a student. So the principal makes Gary teach this class for an hour. And Bill was one of the students in that class. And he was in the front row so like, he was all on camera. It's really cool! I wish this show would get on DVD so I can get some screen images.
2. Bill worked in this hotel/banquent hall place in Hammond and I guess one of the times they were filming locally, the star Kyle Chandler (He was the actor dude in Peter Jackson's "King Kong") stayed at the hotel Bill was working in and got to meet him for a few minutes. Man...Bill gets all the cool stories.

I shook Conan O'Brien's hand! HA!

Ok back on topic. Which is...I'm done. Those were all the films and TV shows I can think of that were filmed in my neck of the woods. I seem to recall hearing something about "Road to Perdition" being filmed somewhere but I can't find anything to back that up, so maybe I'm making shit up. If YOU happen to know any that I forgot, leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

5 More Days Until 30 Days!

Hi gang! I had a busy weekend, which I'm gonna write about in my personal LiveJournal, but I wanted to write in here first about the upcoming event that I've dubbed "30 Days of Horror"!

In case you're not in the know, I mentioned last blog entry that I was gonna devote the entire month of April to only horror movies. Since then I've had people ask me "Well...don't you already do horror movies on your site?" And, well, yeah, that's true. 90% of the movies I review on the site are, oddly enough, horror movies, with the other 5% being sci-fi and boring ass dramas. I plan on putting more genres in the mix later this year but I wanna clear up what I mean by "30 Days of Horror".

I mean every day in the month of April, I'm gonna watch at LEAST one horror movie.

With that said, here's some of things you'll be seeing in April:
1. Some updated reviews. As I mention, I seem to do a lot of shitty horror movies, many of them in the first year or so of running the site. Which means there aren't any images or the review itself just sucks. So I plan on updating a few here or there. I'm gonna start with April Fool's Day on...go on. Guess which day. (nudge nudge)

2. I'm not gonna set any rules or regulations for this. Like, I'm not ONLY gonna watch ones I haven't seen before or ONLY update reviews. I'm gonna mix it up. And I'm not only gonna watch new or old movies, or only just ones on DVD. I'm gonna do the whole shebang. DVD, VHS, laserdisc (My friend Bill has a laserdisc player and has The Exorist on Laserdisc. Maybe I can ask nicely...) and yes in theaters. I'm not seeing a whole bunch of non-horror movies coming out to theaters in April so it should be all good.

3. I'm gonna write either a short article here on the blog, a Probe or a full review on the site. Probably mostly be here on the blog. I only got a few Probes planned, and the normal 3 or 4 full reviews on Sundays (if possible).

4. You might've noticed I didn't add the "movies" to "30 Days of Horror". That's because I'm also gonna venture off into the realm of television. I'm probably gonna stray away from The Twilight Zone and Tales from The Crypt. If I find any Tales from the Darkside though, I'm all over it like a virgin on his prom date.

5. This might be a little iffy, and not sure how to go about doing this, but a select few posts might contain some video of me doing or saying something. That's only if I feel up to it though, so don't give your hopes up.

6. And finally for the legality. Life is unpredictable and you or I never know what's gonna come up so if anything life altering happens in the Month of April and I'm not able to fulfill my duties of posting SOMETHING once a day, don't get all mad at me and be like "What a gyp! Screw you, Soto!" I don't know what will come up but something might, so I'm saying this just in case. If anyone out there wants to be a backup writer of sorts, or hell even WANTS to contribute in some way, shape, or form, please, feel free. I welcome it.

Thats it. I got a bunch planned and some surprises that I won't reveal or ruin here just yet, cause if I do, I'm sure "somebody" will talk me out of it. (nudge nudge again).

Monday, March 17, 2008

What's New & Coming Up

Hey guys!! I felt like writing SOMETHING here today but I wasn't sure what, so I thought I'd post some past, present, and future things. Make sense? No? Yeah I can see that.

Anyway, let's get this over with.

1. As I stated, the Battlefield Earth Mass Invasion is finally posted! Most of what I said about all the troubles we all went through is true. I honestly haven't heard from Rachael since she sent me that email, and I haven't heard from Maria so I'm assuming she's locked away in a hospital. I hope they get better. As for me, my stomach as finally died down. But here's a funny story. I got the movie from Netflix and after assigning the chapters, I sent it to Felicia so she could watch it. Since she took some time with it, and I still needed to get the images I had to go to the video store to rent it. So on Saturday the 15th I went and looked around and...didn't see it. I was like "awww FUCK!!" which got me some weird looks from the people that work there. Then on a weird whim I decided to check out their used movies of sale section. Sure enough, behind Big Fat Liar was Battlefield Earth. And I swear to god they were selling it for 2 dollars, which is easily the cheapest movie I have ever seen at that video store. So to make a long story short, I had to buy the freakin' movie in order to get the review done. The question remains: Should I hold on to it, should I sell it, or should I burn it and video tape me burning it? Maybe I'll make it a poll... Well enough of that.

2. It's St. Patrick's Day! And because of B.E I didn't get around to updating all my reviews of the Leprechaun series like I intended to. So it'll just have to wait another year, or maybe I'll just do it for no reason later this year. Who knows. Anyway, here be the links:
Leprechaun 2
Leprechaun 3
Leprechaun 4: In Space
Leprechaun In The Hood

Yeah the page format is probably crappy and there's no images. I'm gettin' to it.

3. Easter is Sunday and every since I started my site back in 2005, I been trying to get "Night of the Lepus" in, on, or around Easter. Yet again, with B.E I wasn't able to. I might try to do it this week but that's not a guarentee. Maybe I'll make it a late Easter review.

4. At the LAMB, Nick from Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob came up with this cool thing. Each one of us came up with a kickass female character and we had to write an article about the character kicking another character's ass. Then people can go and vote for which article was more convincing and whoever's character wins advances to the next round and it keeps going until there's one winner. That's the best I could explain it. A better explaination can be found here.
My article hasn't been published yet cause whoever I'm fighting against hasn't put their story in. I suspect it's because they know MY character kicks the most ass and they're like "OHHH NO! I can't win against (Jason's character I'm keeping it a surprise until it's finally posted)! I'm just not gonna do it!!" and then by default my character wins. That's how I see it ending anyway.

5. I got a bunch of neat blog topics to post about, I just haven't really been too organized to sit down to write them. I swear I'll get to one this week, plus another Trailer Thursday will be posted.

6. Wanna see some neat videos I did?
Me Playing Guitar Hero
Super Funny Wacky Time - A parody of random and weird shows that don't really follow any kind of substance or plot. My main inspiration was a Youtube series called "Roller Chester". Do a search and you'll see what I mean.
Super Funny Wacky Time 2 -This video FUCKIN' blew up, yo!!! Within 24 hours of it being posted it got like 2000 views! No exaggeration!! Then I found out why! Someone at Wonder Showzen put it on THEIR website/blog thingy!! WHOA!!
I plan on making some mini-movies and cool music videos that I thought of sometime in the future. Those entail going outside, so I'm waiting for the weather to get a bit nicer.

7. And finally (Thanks if you read this far, I know I gave you a shitload of links and words to read), I'm proud to announce that I'm declaring April "HORROR MOVIE MONTH" on the blog and the site. This means that all I'm gonna be watching are horror movies. Good, bad and everything in between. I'm not necessarialy gonna be reviewing EVERY movie I watch, but I'll give some mention on the blog, or do a Probe about it. If you have any suggestions on what you think I should check out, leave me a comment! Or if you don't wanna sign up to blogger to do that, leave me an email at: invasionofthebmovies at gmail dot com. I also plan on updating some horror movies I've already reviewed on my site starting with, naturally, April Fools Day on the 1st. I got loads planned, so please stay tuned here to catch all the updates!

Hmm, April Fool's Day is coming up. I better start plannin'.

PS: I know usually October is the month most people do horror movies. But I like to be different. I like to think outside the box. And most of all, I hate being cliche. So maybe in October I'll do like comedies or war movies or something. That'll be fun!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Mass Invasion: Battlefield Earth

This was a tough one for me and the Mass Invaders. People went crazy. People got sick. It's wasn't fun. But now it's over with. So please, please, PLEASE, do enjoy:

Battlefield Earth

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go collapse over there.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

New Review: Monster (2008)

Hey guys,
You know that movie "Cloverfield" that was out a month or so ago? Well, heres it's bastard brother:
Monster (2008)