Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 21 Results

This Weeks Scores:
Me, Fletch, Highway, Maria, April, and Rachael M.: 10

This Month's Totals:
Fletch: 49
Me: 48
Highway, Maria: 39
April: 37
Rachael M.: 28
Bobbie: 9

Which makes Senor Fletch our winner!!! I know last time I sent you a prize it took me roughly 100 years to get it to you. But this time I swear it'll take no more than 5 months, tops. Email me your address info whenever you have time for you free copy of Total Recall!

And I think I will institute a prize each month. So we all start back at zero next week, which brings us Will Ferrell's "Land of the Lost", and what I seriously hope is the best comedy of 2009 (sorry "Adventureland" and...whatever else) "The Hangover". And whatever "Away We Go" and "Life In Ruins" is suppose to be. Probably nothing.

I didn't see anything this week, I was busy with work and roller derby. I doubt I can drag Felicia to hell, let alone a movie called "Drag Me To Hell" but we'll see. And I do wanna see "Up" but she'd probably rather watch the Glenn Beck Comedy Tour than that. So who knows.

Anyway, congrats Fletch!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 21

Man, I just don't know.

This week we have a Pixar film "Up" opening up. Normally that means it's gonna reign supreme for a billion weeks. BUT Night At The Museum 2 just opened up and that, too, is a mega blockbuster, for whatever reason. It's just all kinds of craziness.

Still, I think "Up" is gonna take it this week.

Also opening up this weekend is the Sam Rami-directed horror flick "Drag Me To Hell". It'll probably crack the top five but not be number 1.

Just a reminder, this is the final weekend of this month so Sunday I'll announce the winner of this month's prize, a copy of "Total Recall". From the looks at the scores, it could be anybody's game. I did forget to mention that if I somehow take the top spot, whoever comes in second gets the prize. Only makes sense.

Here's last weeks top ten:

Good luck!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Grocery Store Knows No Bounds

Again, I went into my grocery store, just wanting to pick up some apple juice and paper plates and I walk out with a mothafucking treasure!

As you may recall, I previously went into the SAME grocery store and found the hilariously titled "Zombie Death House". Just on title alone I had to purchase this. I haven't gotten around to it yet cause of the book, but today I saw another movie that I had no choice but to get.

I'm of course talking about "Silent Rage".

Hells yes.

And take a look at that tagline. Science fucked up so badly that only one man can stop them and it's Chuck Norris. It could be argued that Science possibly created Chuck Norris cause I refuse that any woman's womb can hold such a force. And they use his real name in the tagline too. Which is misleading cause he doesn't play himself in this movie, but by this point he should just play himself in movies.

"There's a bank hostage situation! Jean Claude Van Damme is inside crying! What should we do???"
"Call Chuck Norris."

Then it'll be just like that scene in "Hancock" when Hancock went into the bank to stop the robbers but only with Chuck Norris. Super powers and all.

I talk about "Silent Rage" in my book, and because I want people to get my book when it comes out (eventually), I won't go into any details on what this movie is about. If you seen it, then you know. You know. If you haven't, well, check out your local grocery store. You never know.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movies I Like: Big Trouble

This post is for Film For The Soul's Counting Down The 00's.

Back in the day I was a big fan of humorist Dave Berry. He cracked my shit up. I read all of his books, read his articles every week, the whole nine yards. I learned in 2000 he was writing his first fictional book and I was all over that. It was called Big Trouble and I loved it.

Soon, I heard it was gonna be a movie and I was happy. This took us to the year 2001. They finished filming it and it was suppose to be released on September 21st, 2001.

But a thing happened just ten days prior that made people a tad bit uncomfortable. See, the story involved an airplane and airport security and we can't have movies about airplanes and airport security ten days after 9/11. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

So it got pushed to an undetermined date which I thought was around October or November 2001, but according to imdb, it was 2002 so who am I to argue? Sadly, I was severely unemployed at this time and didn't have the money to see it in theaters. It lasted maybe 2 weeks in theaters before being quietly pulled out of theaters.

I eventually saw it and thought it was awesome. The cast is a weird hodge podge. You got Tim Allen, Johnny Knoxville, Tom Sizemore, Zooey Dashhound, Renee Russo, Putty from Seinfeld, Jeanne Garlafalo, Andy Richter, Jason Lee, Stanley Tucci, Dennis Farina, AND Heavy D. And a goat.

The story is a bit hard to talk about cause it involved several small plots that eventually ties into one big story. Tim Allen is Eliot a newspaper writer who hates his boss and has a son who plays this weird watergun game that involved Zooey, Renee Russo, and Stanley Tucci. Jason Lee is a homeless guy who moves to Florida and falls in love with Zooey, Renee, and Stanley's maid. Johnny Knoxville and Tom Sizemore are scummy wanna-be robbers who rob two Russian bar owners and ends up stealing a nuke, which they think is a million dollars. Putty and Jeanne are cops. Dennis Farina and another guy are hitmen. Heavy D is an FBI agent. A goat just runs around a highway.


It sounds really involved but the story bounces around gracefully and is really entertaining. The best part is possibly Stanley Tucci's character getting spit in the face by a weird exotic toad and he starts tripping balls.

The airplane scenes happen at the end of the movie. Johnny and Tom have taken Renne Russo hostage and want a plane to Bermuda. They end up hijacking a plane, carrying this nuke, which slips past airport security a whole bunch of times. It's up to Eliot to jump on board and save the day with a fire extiguisher.

If you haven't, read the book first cause there's more that was left out, of course, and the way the book flows is just amazing. Dave Berry put together a great story and I wish he stuck with writing fiction. He only wrote one more fictional book, "Tricky Business", which I was hoping for a movie as well since that story is crazy as hell. But I guess he'll leave the fiction writing to his friends Stephen King, Elmore Leonard (Get Shorty), and Carl Hiaasen (Striptease).


The Fight For #1: Week 20 Results

You know I'm kinda stupid.

I totally didn't think about the juggernaut, bitch that is "Night At The Museum". I forgot that whenever it came out, it was in theaters for roughly 47 weeks. I forgot it did SOOO good it warrented a sequel. And lastly, I forgot that kids and tweens rule the box office. If I could go back to Friday and change my answer, I would've been labeled insane at first, then declared a genius.

But alas, we all were tricked. I think I know why not that many people went and saw Terminator. Because ever since they completed the movie, they been bombarding us with scenes from this movie. I think if you put all the trailers that came out for this movie together, you pretty much have the entire movie. I know that's why I didn't wanna see it.

Earlier today, me and the future Mrs went to go see "Dance Flick". While in line, there was a shitload of families there with a shitload of kids and they all went to see NATM2:FFTS (Calling it this will become popular in the future, trust me) and I thought to myself then "Y'know, I bet NATM2:FFTS will be number one instead of Terminator..."

Oh well, guess this proves you can't win them all.

This Week's Scores:
Me, Fletch, Highway, Maria, and Rachael M.: 9

Total This Month:
Fletch: 39
Me: 38
Highway, Maria: 29
April: 27
Rachael M.: 18
Bobbie: 9

As for Dance Flick, yes I quite enjoyed it. It didn't hit you over the head with pop culture references like the Epic/Disaster Movies did and didn't feature any unneeded Michael Jackson jokes (well there was sorta one involving a baby but it could be taken any way). They did a good job spoofing all the crappy dance movies like "Save the Last Dance", "You Got Served" and both Step Up's. They even threw in some minor ones like Little Miss Sunshine and even a Twilight parody. Yeah, it had nothing to do with the movie, but it was still funny. I thought anyway.

Next week we got the Sam Rami return to horror with "Drag Me To Hell" and some small animated film called Up by some independent-ok punchline here is it's a Pixar film.

OOOH!!! Pixar against NATM2:TFFS! Man, this is gonna be tough, yo.

They should battle! In the streets!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Jason Guide To Writing Reviews

Since I been nominated for a LAMMY, I get asked the same thing time and time again.

"How the hell did you get nominated?"

I dunno if I should be offended or not, but since compliments are a dime a dozen, I'll take it as one. And good question. I'm not sure. Granted, it's only for "Best Theme" and anybody who just writes about one thing could get nominated for this, which is no easy task honestly. Most people's attention spans can be measured in nano-seconds (Thanks BASEketball!) so having a bunch of people read the same style of review over and over for a little more than 3 years is pretty amazing.

But while I was going over my reviews for my book, I couldn't help but notice that all of my reviews are pretty much the same. I guess this could be considered my "style", but it wouldn't kill me to switch it up every now and then. Until I do though, allow me to demostrate my style that I've apparently stuck with for the past three years. Maybe if you follow this model, you too can be nominated for something! Unless you're Fletch, Final Girl, or any other LAMB member who's been nominated in multiple categories. Then...keep on keeping on!

First, the opening paragraph is either a story on how I came across the movie or the adventures I had trying to get said movie. Usually I try to be informative and throw in some facts. For the sake of this piece, let's talk about a movie we all universally hate "Gigli". A typical opening would go like this:

I decided to finally take a look at the 2003 Summer blockbuster of a film titled "Gigli", starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, while they were dating and THIS close to being married. Gigli is considered the worst movie of the new millenium, which is a tall order since it's only three years into it. So pretty much, any movie maker between now and 2999 is free to make whatever crap they want and not worry about being lambasted! Good for you!

Now that that's out of the way, it's time to review the movie. My reviews fall between full detailed recaps and barely summerizing the film. Something like this:

We see Ben Affleck standing in front of a dryer talking to the camera. He's wearing a typical mob outfit in the form of a track suit and gold necklaces. This has to be sleazy even for Ben Affleck. Turns out he's talking to somebody placed in the dryer. The guy in the dryer owes Gigli's boss some money and Gigli is there to pick up. The guy swears he'll have it tomorrow, but this isn't good enough so tumble you go!

There, that was the first ten minutes all in a neat little one paragraph package. Repeat until you get to the end of the movie. Usually pepper the review with jokes about sex or boobies. Oh and when I type words in ALL CAPS it usually means I'm stressing those words, like if we were talking and I wanted to make those words come across, I'd YELL them. Much like Al Pacino yelled everything at the end of "Gigli".


Kinda like that.

Now once I give away the ending of the movie, cause I'm spoileriffic like that (Example: Gigli quits the job, turns Jennifer Lopez from a lesbian to straight even though guys like him are the reason we have lesbians, and the mentally handicapped kid ends up in a rap video) I make the last paragraph a recap of what I thought of the movie. Normally it goes something like this:

JESUS CHRIST this movie fucking sucks! ARRGH!! Why does this exist?? WHY???? I hate everybody and life and somehow myself! I would kill myself but that'd mean this movie has won and if there's one thing I don't wanna do is let this movie win. You lose, movie. You fucking lose!

And the final sentence is some punchline to a joke I might've made earlier in the review. Something like:

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pick up some promotional Gigli condoms.

My star ratings go from zero stars to five. As of this writing, I only gave one movie a five star rating, as watching a bad movie that awesome is pretty rare. Gigli, however, gets a zero rating like so:

After some self promotion for the blog and email, and a picture of the poster with a link to Amazon to buy this your own self, I'm done. I usually include pictures in my reviews and underneath is MST3K-inspired riffs about the picture. Like so:
Jen is thinking "I can't believe I'm with this retard. And that kid in the back."

And finally, on the blog, I always end my reviews with a "-Jason". I'm not one to get a big head (that's what she-oh.) but I started doing this around 2004 when I got a Myspace account and was leaving comments cause my Myspace Name was Invasion of the B Movies, but unless you knew me personally, you didn't know my real name, so I had to leave a name and I went with -Jason cause simply having it say "Jason" looked kinda lame, so I wanted some extra flair with it. Since then, though, I noticed a few other movie bloggers ending their posts with "-" and their name afterwards. I'm not saying I started it, but I don't recall seeing it anywhere else before hand...

So that's it. What was the point of this article? I wanted to make fun of myself. That's pretty much the only reason. Maybe I won't switch things up and keep on writing in the same style I've always written in. Hell, it got me some recognition.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta get some promotional Gigli condoms.

The Fight For #1: Week 20

Man, 20 weeks? Craziness.

This week, Terminator 4: Really, 4? FINALLY comes out after being bombarded with ads for it since 1982, which I know pre-dates the first movie but that's how long they been hyping this new movie.

We also got Night at the Museum 2: The First Was Popular For Some Reason. I shouldn't hate on it, though it's got an interesting cast. Just wish Ben Stiller would make more films like "Tropic Thunder". But I guess it's not that easy to make a fresh new movie that's similar to your previous one.

And finally, "Dance Flick" by the Wayan's. This could go either way since people are getting tired of spoof movies, at least done badly, but the previous "Movies" movies have reached number 1 at least one time. But I don't think they went up against Terminator, Star Trek, Tom Hanks, and X-Men, so I sorta have my doubts on this one.

I'll confess that I kinda wanna see Dance Flick, only cause I really don't like "Step Up", even though I'm told it's mainly a parody of "Save The Last Dance", which I haven't seen. But there has to be some Step Up reference in there somewhere. I doubt I'll see it this weekend though.

Anyway, my offical pick is gonna be Terminator. Even though Angels and Demons was number one last week, I haven't seen any ads for it anymore (granted I stopped watching TV, save for Glee, which really doesn't count) but since they been shoving this Terminator movie down our throats since for-fucking-ever, it should do good.

And a quick note: I saw "Star Trek" last week. Man, was it good. I loved it.

Remember there's a prize for this month's winner: A DVD copy of "Total Recall".

Here's last week's top ten:

Good luck!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And Now Midville High's Choir Will Sing "Too Drunk To Fuck" In B-Minor

Fox tricked me and my fiancee Felicia into watching this new show called "Glee". We were expecting to see the finale of American Idol just to celebrate the fact it's finally over with and HOPE TO GOD it don't return next year (or at least return with me as a judge). Instead of a finale we get

I'll be honest and say I didn't see the whole thing. I left the room to work on my book a bit, then I heard a group of rejected Disney pop stars sing one of my favorite Journey songs ever. And I had to witness this for myself. I go into the living room and I see this:

I shall make some observations about said video clip:

1. If you never seen High School Musical, you just fucking did. This thing reminded me so much of it I thought I was gonna faint. I mean, they turned it into a TV show? On Fox? And tried to make it a comedy? The hell?

2. Way to go with all the typical stand-by's "Glee". Let's look at our checklist: Asian girl, check. Black girl who's no doubt sassy and/or comes from a broken home, check. Gay guy, check. Lead girl who is in love/is dating/use to date but wants to reconnect with lead guy, check. Lead guy who's probably only doing this to get laid, check.

3. HEY! An added bonus! You threw in a handicapped kid in the form of a guitar player in a wheelchair. Too bad you need the Asian girl to move him around all guitar player like. Surprised the keyboard player isn't in a coma.

4. What's up with the cheerleaders and that one chick from "40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Role Models" slowly coming down on some elevator/platform thing, looking all evilly? Oh wait, I seen "High School Musical" so allow me to make a guess. The cheerleaders are pissed off that this rag tag group of Journey fans are getting special treatment and/or are planning a show on the SAME EXACT day and the SAME EXACT time as one of their cheerleading events and/or football games and wants to bring them down. That or they're mad the wheelchair kid went with guitar playing instead of cheerleader catching.

5. And don't get me started on how they butchered the song. I mean, what as up with that weird chanting or whatever that "Da da da da da da da" was. And I can think of better duet's between a guy and a girl than "Don't Stop Believing". How about "I Got A Man" by Positive K. I would've much rather heard that.

I'll say one good thing about the show. At least they don't have high school students singing wildly inapproate songs about doing drugs and being proud of it, which was originally recorded by a boozed up coked out has-been.

Oh. Well shit.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 19 Results

Call me stunned. And who says the underdogs don't ever have a chance? After picking a movie not even mentioned in the top ten, Highway says "don't call it a come back, I been here for years!" and gets 10 points. I guess those of us who picked Star Trek thought wrong.

So does this mean the era of the geek is slowly coming to an end? I mean NORMALLY, a film like Star Trek would stay on top for at LEAST three, four weeks tops. But now I dunno. Watchmen dropped like a ton of bricks after it's first week and now this. I tell you, my friends, this is gonna be an interesting summer.

This Week's Scores:
Fletch, Highway: 10
Me, April, Bobbie, Rachael M.: 9

This Month's Scores:
Fletch: 30
Me: 29
April: 27
Highway, Maria: 20
Bobbie, Rachael M.: 9

In case anyone forgot, there's a prize on the line: a copy of Total Recall. I just might have a prize for next month too. We'll see.

Next week is gonna be another nailbiter with the release of Terminator 4: Wait, James Cameron Had Nothing To Do With This One?, Night At The Museum: Was The First One Really THAT Popular?, and Dance Flick: Make Fun of "Step Up" Is Gonna Be Easy. Throw in Cherubs vs Bezelbubs AND Star Trek and I think it's enough to make your mind go ka-blooey.

And now, Play The Killer Shrews Off, Keyboard Cat:


Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Many Debbie Gibson Puns Can I Make?

I'm very surprised at Asylum Pictures Entertainment Inc. Co. Normally they make movies like "Transmorphers" or "Snakes On A Train" or simply "Monster". I was expecting their next releases to be something like "Cherubs vs Bezlebubs" or "Space Journey" or even "The Jones Brothers 2-D Live Concert Event".

But no. They threw us a curve ball and came up with something somewhat original. Of course I'm talking about MEGA SHARK vs GIANT OCTOPUS!!

Of course this makes me think this is Asylum's version of Shark Attack 3: Megalon or something but nope, this is an original movie. Well, not that it's that original to have giant monsters fighting but still. This movie has Lorenzo Lamas AND Deborah "Debbie" Gibson! And she actually says "Milla in Vanilla". This could be something great.

At least I have something to watch until "Next Week Ground" comes out.

PS: Here are the puns I thought of:
Electric Fin
Shark Your Love
Lost In Your Tentacles
Only In My Gills

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 19

Before I get to this week's releases, I gotta mention something quickly.

Last night I posted a thing saying I was nominated for a LAMMY and how I wanted you guys to vote for me if you felt I deserved it. This morning I was told my Senor Fletch that only members of the LAMB can vote for the LAMMYs. I wasn't aware of this so to anyone who's NOT a member who tried to vote, it won't count. Sorry but thanks for trying.

This probably knocks down my chances of winning a bit BUT I still have hope. I mean it's best theme. I think people like reading about b movies. Sure, Final Girl tackles horror movies and she's funny and the other people probably talk about GOOD movies, which can get boring at times...

Oh hell who am I kidding?

No no must be positive! I WILL win this! AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!!

So now that's done with-

This week we have "Angels and Demons", the follow up and/or prequel to "The Da Vinci Code". Will it be enough to knock off Star Trek? Who knows. There's also a limited release of The Brothers Bloom, with Adrian Brody and some film I never heard of until last night called Management, with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zhan. So yeah it's between Angels and Demons and Star Trek.

I'm gonna have to go with Star Trek again, but Angels and Demons will probably be number two. I imagine there's people (like me) who didn't see it opening weeking, knowing it'll be crowded with Trekkies and don't really wanna experience THAT smell.

Here's last week's top ten.

Oh and a quick book update: I'm almost done with the listing of them. I need 8 more, but I have to watch at least 9 so it's looking pretty good.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Hands and Knees

I don't think I ask for too much from my readers. Sure, I force you to participate in a poll that means me having to watch the third High School Musical film, then having you read it. Or make you pick stuff for me to watch in general. And that one time last year when I made you guys vote for me for that Sirens of the LAMBs thing (which I won thanks guys!)

But now I'm up for something pretty major. Well, as major as it can get when it comes to movie blogs. I was nominated for a LAMMY!

The LAMMY's is an award thingy Master Fletch runs over at the LAMB to award excellence in the arts of movie blogging. It happened last year but I wasn't even in the running...for some reason. But! Today's a new day! Think positive! All that stuff!

The category I was nominated for was "Best Theme". I didn't get Best Blog-A-Thon (30 Days of Horror, Guilty Pleasures) or Best Blog (Yeah I kinda figured I wouldn't), but I'm happy with Best Theme. I SHOULD get rewarded for watching all these crappy movies! Dammit!

My MS Paint Skillz knows no bounds!

Ok to be serious. I'm mentioning all this cause it would be neat to win. HOWEVER. I will not resort to bribing or making promises or nothing. If you really do like the way I do things around here and think I should win something, then you should vote for me. If you don't then you dont have to. If I lose, I won't be mad or hold a grudge or even the ring at anybody. It's just an honor to be nominated, since we couldn't nominate ourselves.

Also as a result if you do vote for me, you don't have to tell me. You can if you want to but no need for a "I VOTED FOR YA, JASON!" comment. I wanna be a team player and a good sport, as I wish all my fellow LAMB's good luck in their categories and the ones in mine.

So if you do, the info can be found here.

Now that I got that out of the way, I should let you all know that I have pictures of Final Girl with Jon AND Kate!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dancin' On The Poll

I was at work today and I thought "Hm. High School Musical 3 should be hitting DVD soon. It's a big popular thing where the advert of the DVD release will be pounded in my skull until I'm dead and roasting in hell, much like the theatrical release. I know! I'll go home, look up the date when it'll be released, then set up a poll asking people if I should review it, with the closing date the day it's released! Boy I'm clever!"

Needless to say I was in the bathroom for a long time at work today.

So I get home and do the research only to find...

It's been released already. In February. The fuck? Does ANYBODY remember hearing about it? I mean when it was being released in theaters, they put the damn ad's everywhere. Even during shows no typical fan of HSM would watch like "Lost" or "Debbie Does Dallas 4: This Time It's JAPAN!" So how come news of the DVD wasn't spread like wildfire on Vanessa Hudgen's crotch?


I still set up the poll but made it June 1st cause I plan on having the first draft of my book done by then. (God willing). Then maybe I can turn June into another "Jason Tackles Teeny-Bopper Movies" month or something. As you see on the poll to the right, the options are:

Yes, On The Site-Since I got the first two up there, might as well make the third there.

Yes, On The Blog-Only review here and that's it.

Yes, Make It A Mass Invasion-This is tricky. All the mass invaders are my friends. Making them watch this will probably make them want to kill me. But since they have the right to vote, they can decide if they wanna go this route or not.

NO NO NO NO NO!-Self explainitory.

And if you could, anyone who does vote leave a comment so I know who said what and why and stuff. If the number of votes don't equal the amount of the comments I get, I'm gonna come after you and make you watch ALL THREE MOVIES! IN A ROW! With no bathroom break. Cause there's stuff in the bathroom you can use to kill yourself.

Anyway. Thanks!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 18 Results

This Week:
Me, Maria, Fletch, April, Highway: 10

This Month's Total:
Me, Fletch, Maria: 20
April: 18
Highway: 10

Yeah, not much of a surprise this week. Next week will probably be a bit tough. We got Angels and Demons, the prequel/sequel to The Da Vinci Code. Will it be enough to bring down Star Trek? Who knows?

In other news, I saw Next Day Air last night and I quite liked it. It's like a Guy Ritchie film but you can understand what everyone is saying. So if Star Trek is sold out, I recommend it.

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 18

"Star Trek" comes out this weekend, so it's fair to say it'll be in the top spot and it SHOULD be everyone's pick for this week. But I'm not forcing you to pick anything. Plus, to remind you, there is a prize up for grabs this month: A copied DVD of "Total Recall". So make that some sort of incentive if you must.

Another release this weekend is "Next Day Air", the black Guy Ritchie film with Mos Def, Mike Epps and...some other people. I'll probably see it, it looks interesting, but there's no way it's gonna make the top spot.

And I'm gonna go ahead and switch the comments back to anybody using them but I'll keep on the "type in the weird random letters thing" to continue the fight with spam.

With that said, here's last weeks top ten:

Thanks and good luck!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

*Insert Chuckle Here*

I guess Bert won this one.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 17 Results

Not much to say here, pretty much what I expected.

This Weeks Scores:
Me, Fletch, Maria : 10
April: 8
Highway: 0*
*Means he sent in a guess but it didn't even crack the top ten. Sad really.

Next week we got nothing-oh wait STAR TREK! Hm, I should call this another freebie week...Nah a prize is up for stake! Keep on guessing!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Book Update, Yo

I want to keep my readers (all 5 million of you) informed on how my book is coming along. I realized I kept a lot of details out, like what the book's called or about or how I, a simple movie dweeb (that's a word you don't hear too often anymore), talked to a publisher and they said "ok send in your manuscript". I've kept that out for a reason: I don't like to ruin surprises.

Which is odd, I know, since I put in spoilers for all the movies I review. But I can throw you a little bone here and there.

If you know anything about me, you probably have some idea on what it's about.

I'm just about half way done with the first draft. I already know I'm gonna have to go back and do major rewrites.

I came up with a better title than the one I sent to the publisher. I hope they like it.

Cause I changed the title, the overall theme of the book slightly changed, which I think will make writing it a lot easier now.

Again, I'm sorry about the last half of 30 Days of Horror. A lot of you (at least half of the 4 million readers I have) was digging it and looking forward to my review of "Twilight". Yes, I was gonna review Twilight. I got around to watching it so I probably will write about it sometime in the future.

Because my brain won't shut the hell up, I been thinking of stuff and ideas for my next one, if I were to get the chance to do a "next" one. I was thinking maybe fiction. Maybe.

Anyway, I wanna get the draft done before May is over, hopefully get is polished up in June and hope to have it published before Summer is over. I shall keep you all posted.

In the meantime, I'll plug my friend Bill's book. It's a book of poetry called "Stages of Love". I'm mentioned by name in it, that alone should be worth checking out. And since I have 4 million readers, if each one of you buy a copy, he'll be rich and can get a new car, since he was in a car accident on Tuesday.

Who says pity and sympathy don't work?

Friday, May 01, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 17

I'm gonna up the ante a bit, since I've noticed a huge drop off in participation lately. I'm gonna offer a prize to the winner for this month! Yes, an actual prize! What, pray tell, is this prize? A Copied DVD of "Total Recall"! Yes! The Arnold movie about Mars, Sharon Stone, and Quatto! Could be yours! For free! For merely participating!

That's it, no catch! Just have the most points by the weekend of May 29th, the final weekend in May, and it's yours. With that out of the way, here's what's coming out this weekend:

Battle for Tera-Some CGI/3D film about aliens fighting Earthlings. I guess.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past-Do I really have to tell you how awful this idea sounds? When I first saw the trailer for it in theaters, I nearly got kicked out for yelling obsenities.

X-Men Orgins: Wolverine-It was leaked online apparently but I hear it wasn't the actual completed film. I kinda wanna see it.

So my guess for this week is gonna be WOLVERINES!!! Er, just Wolverine single. What's yours? And remember, if you're not a blogger/google member you can't leave a comment here, you'll have to respond by email: invasionofthebmovies at gmail dot com.

Just a reminder, here's last week's top ten: