Tuesday, January 01, 2013

This Is The End

(I used the short version of the song. This shouldn't take very long.)

First things first: I been nominated for Funniest Writer over at Cinematic Cat...uh...Katz....uh....this website. Be sure to vote for me!!

So as you probably know, I kept saying Invasion of the B Movies was going away and there'd be no more reviews here? Well...that was all true.

BUT! If you listened to the episode of The Lair I posted last night (and if you didn't shame on you) then you already know this but in off chance you need to read things with your own words...

I'm quitting Invasion of the B Movies to join up with my friends Nick Jobe and Nolahn and we're gonna have a website called Your Face! Basically, I'll still be watching shitty horror movies, just somewhere else. And Nick will do his own thing and Nolahn will do his own thing...just in a shared space. And we got some new stuff planned for you as well!

So I hope you follow along over there! Thanks for reading and let's not think of this as goodbye but the end of a chapter and the start of another.

Your Face!