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Shark Attack Blog-A-Thon(g): Shark Attack 2

Nick Jobe, during his year and a half of reviewing different movies each week, has fallen victim to the Netflix Curse. Well, now you can include me in that. The Netflix Curse is when you saw a movie on Instant Watch one week, then when you go to watch it, you find it's suddenly gone. I was GOING to review "Shark Attack", the first film in the series that, I thought, ended with "Shark Attack 3: Megaladon" (more on that later). But lo and behold, it is not available on Instant Watch anymore. Well fucking boo!

So "Shark Attack 2" it is! I figured they're not totally related to each other, it doesn't matter anyway. And guess what? I was right. Well, sort of. There's an sort of connection between the first film and the second film, and there's an odd connection between the second and the third. The tie in to Parts 2 and 3 is basically this: both were directed by David Worth AND Part 2 is pretty much a boring version of Part 3.

If you've only seen Part 3, take all the funny hilarious stuff you know about it out and what you have left is Part 2. Don't believe me? DASH LIST ALERT!

-Both movies feature a hunky male lead who work on and/or in the water somehow.
-Both work for a company who's President is EEEEEEVVVVILLLLL!!! and only wants to line his pockets with money thanks to stupid people like you and me.
-Both feature a pretty attractive female lead who's looking for the shark for her own personal reasons.
-Both feature small characters who you think won't be important until they take over the entire final third act.
-Both movies feature the hunky male and the attractive female not liking each other at the beginning, then slowly falling in love, then both of them fucking in slow motion while corny '90s R&B plays in the background.
-Both movies feature the humans trying to fight a shark in a small submarine that looks like would be too small for a Smurf.
-Both movies feature a ridiculous explosion at the end that supposedly killed the shark.
-Oh and both movies feature sharks.

Strangely enough, I think the budget was bigger for this film cause the CGI and the green screen was at least believeable. But like I said, it made the movie more boring.

I could get into the story, I guess, but it doesn't really matter. I mean you got the attractive female named Samantha who's scuba diving with her sister, what's-her-name, when they come across a shark. The shark eats the sister and Samantha is like "NOOOO!!!!"

One week later, our hunky lead male Nick works for a water park in Cape Town...(I guess they changed the name to include the ellipses) and the name of the water park is, I swear to god, "Water World". PFFFT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, pre-1995 movies. Anyway-

What? This movie was made in 2000? POST Kevin Costner "Waterworld"? Are you fucking kidding me?! Why would you name a water park that, KNOWING there's a somewhat horrible movie ABOUT water named "Waterworld"? You know people are just going to think it's a lame tribute to the movie. People will be showing up with their VHS copies of "Field of Dreams" or "Bull Durham", waiting to meet Kevin Costner and instead they'll find a chucky EVVVILLLL guy in a suit going "BUY STUPID HATS WITH FINS ON THEM YOU FUCKING MORONS! HAHAHAHA!!"


The shark that killed whats-her-name appeared in town, so Nick is sent to find it, capture it, and make it a new attracting at Kevin Costner Land. Well, guess what? Just guess. Write the rest of the fucking movie in your head, cause you know what happens next.

Oh. You want ME to tell you? Oh that's right, I'm here to entertain you. Well ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Ok, at least say it with me.

"The shark goes crazy, kills a worker in the park, manages to get loose, and now Nick must stop it at all costs."

Well, there is a small twist though. The EVVVILLL president guy blames Nick for the incident, fires him, and hires The Crocodile Hunter.

Ok, it wasn't really The Crocodile Hunter. But it was an Australian guy. Who had a TV show. On The Discovery Channel. Who else do you think it was? Anyway, THIS guy is a major asshole and he's out to kill the shark before anyone else does.

Have you seen "Jaws"? Ok, say the next part with me then.

"They have to close the beaches and cancel an event that's happening RIGHT on the beach because this guy captured the wrong shark."


The shark kills a few more people, including The Crocodile Hunter's friends, and NOW it's personal. It's revealed that whatever went on in the first movie caused these sharks to mutate and now they're thirsty...FOR BLOOD!

Wait, aren't all sharks thirsty for blood? That's like saying "Oh no stop that man! He's hungry....FOR PIZZA!!!!"

I would watch a movie where a guy tries to eat pizza and people keep trying to kill him. Someone make that movie.

Ok, you know how this ends. Say it with me.

"All three characters team up to kill the shark, the Crocodile Hunter is now a good guy thanks to him facing near death, there's a lame scene in a small sub full of explosives and we're suppose to think everyone's dead but everyone gets out of the situation at the last minute."

Man, you guys are good.

So that's "Shark Attack 2". Just watch "Shark Attack 3", it's a WAY better movie. I never thought that'd be possible, but it is. And you know what? I'm getting burnt out on all these sharks movie. I think I need to take a few days off, then review a different movie. I'll have to figure that out later. Anyway.

If you're reading this, then you probably know Dylan Fields from Man, I Love Films. And you also know it's hard to get him to watch a bad movie, let alone a horror movie. But somehow not only did I get him to do so, but I got him to write a review on his own site for the first time in like a billion years. So mucho thanks to Dylan for taking over my Thursday column and reviewing "Shark Zone".

Monday, March 26, 2012

Shark Attack Blog-A-Thon(g): 2-Headed Shark Attack

Oh boy, buckle in, this is going to be an interesting ride. Yet again, made by the "fine" folks at The Asylum, this is a different take on the shark attack movie. And that different take is "what if a shark....HAD TWO HEADS!! DUDE!!!! Pass the bong..." I will admit the addition of a head is interesting but it's barely explained why or how it got two heads. I guess we're not suppose to care, we just want to see teenagers get chomped!

Before I get to that, let me tell you who's all in this movie. There's Jerry O'Connell...'s brother Charlie.

There's Hulk Hogan...'s daughter Brooke Hogan.

And there's Carmen Electra....oh that's it. Just Carmen Electra. And Carmen Electra is LITERALLY just there in the movie. I don't even know what her name was. The others I'm being lazy on and not bothering with their characters name but I swear to God she didn't have a name. All of her scenes entailed her standing on a boat in a bikini, showing off her cleavage, and looking off in the distance. FOR THE ENTIRE MOVIE!

So what's going on? Honestly, I don't get the set up. It's like Spring Break: The School. A bunch of college kids (I guess they're college?) are all in bikini's and swim trunks on a boat while Charlie O'Connell tells them what different ship instruments do. Cut to Brooke Hogan, who decides to be the sarcastic bitch during the movie. This wouldn't be too bad except she's suppose to be our hero!

We meet the other kids, which include every stereotype you can think of. There the muscle bound juice head who I'm sure The Asylum tried to get The Situation to play. There's the "nerdy" guy who reminded me of the guy who got arrested in the beginning of "Super Troopers". ("Snozzenberries takes like snozzenberries!"). There's the wound tight SUPER bitchy chick who seems to hate everyone. And...the rest. I'm gonna point out right now that all the girls in this movie were fucking hot as hell. And they were in bikini's the entire movie. AND there was a lot of running. That's all I'm gonna say, I don't wanna lose the little female followers I do have.

Anyway, they're on this boat doing I don't even know what when the two headed shark shows up, rams into the boat, causing it to crack the hull and take in water. My confusion isn't helped any when there's ANOTHER chick who's steering the boat and I dunno who she was suppose to be. She was pretty hot, but holy fuck a horrible actress. Actually, EVERYBODY in this movie was horrible, so I guess that's a moot point.

The random chick tells Charlie O'Donnell that it'll take a day to fix the crack in the boat. One of the random students spots an island nearby, so they decide to go there while the boat is being fixed. Then it kinda reminded me of a slasher movie. You got your dumb students, roaming around a deserted island, they THINK it's deserted, but a killer is stalking them! And the island is seriously something out of "Lost", there's houses and whatnot all over. If they find a hatch, I'm out of here!

Of course, they separate to look around at stuff. One guy goes with two girls and they get in the water, take their clothes off, and all three start making out. Wow! This is the best day of this guy's life! Too bad he has to die CHOMP MOTHAFUCKA!!!

Oh the random girl on the boat fixing the break also gets eaten. Her scenes are hilarious cause The Asylum couldn't either afford to film underwater or the girl didn't know how to swim so not only was the shark CGI, but so was the girl and it was like watching Pixar's "2-Headed Shark Attack" with John Ratzenberger as the shark.

"Heeey, uh, I'm gonna eat if you that's alright."

There's a lot of scenes of the students being stupid and the Fake Situation being a royal douchebag and trying to grope Brooke Hogan all the time. Meanwhile, Carmen Electra is just sunbathing on the boat. Eventually two crew people on the boat realize the random girl is dead and freak out. The island starts shaking and Charlie barely scrapes his knee and suddenly he can't walk. There's all kinds of crazy shit going on!

Turns out the island is an atoll and it's slowly sinking. While roaming the island, the students find two motorboats and of course Brooke Hogan knows how to fix them. Of course! She fixes them, Situation creates a situation by taking one for himself and leaving everybody behind to join The Others. Brooke Hogan goes "OH HELL NO BROTHER!" and chases after him.

So you know what's coming, I knew what was coming, but it took so god damn long! Finally, Situation Douche manages to get two people from his boat to fall into the water and get chomped by the shark. Everyone freaks out about the shark having two heads and goes back to the sinking island/atoll.

Realizing that sharks are attracted to electric energy, they create a big power source to distract the shark while the ship is finished being repaired. Who's gonna repair the hole in the boat? Why, Brooke Hogan of course! Man, her resume is impressive.

1998-2000: Boat repair
2001-2005: Welder extraordinaire!
2005-2011: Started wearing low cut bikini's and realized guy will give me money to do anything so screw those other things!

So Brooke and Douchiuation (I'm running out of words, thankfully this review is almost over) go to the boat, Brooke fixes the hole and when he gets the signal it's fixed, HE decides to steal the boat. Oh good job, asshole.

But even if he didn't steal the boat, and the others got on and headed to freedom, they wouldn't have lasted too long cause the shark start ramming into the boat, causing it to finally sink. And of course Situdouche dies. Thank god, cause I am now out of ways to combine Situation and douche.

Not knowing what to do, Brooke goes back to the island and everybody just sorta gives up and prepares to die. Charlie and Carmen face the shark head on and before they get chomped, they kiss. Wow, I bet he couldn't wait for that scene. The other students start running when the island finally falls into the water and the shark comes after them. There's a funny scene where a guy takes a cross from a church that was on the island and starts wailing on the shark with it. Talk about telling somebody about Jesus.

Anyway, all the minor students with one or two lines all get chomped and it's just Brooke and the nerdy guy left. They tried to blow it up with a gas can but their lighter got wet and wouldn't lit. Brooke Hogan remembers she's the daughter of a wrestler and decides to wrestle it! Ok, not really, but that'd be awesome. What she does instead, and I'm being serious this time, is just STAB THE SHIT OUT OF IT like a crazed O.J! It does some damage but it isn't until the shark eats a motorboat that it decides to blow up randomly. And thanks to a transponder on the sinking boat, the Coast Guard comes to save Brooke and the nerdy guy. The end.

Phew. This is one of those movies that's so bad it's hard to describe how bad it is. you just need to see this for yourself. Compared to the other The Asylum shark movies, this one is still bad in execution but kind of a lot of fun. It's a "bad movie night" type of movie. Plus if you're a guy, there's lots and lots and LOTS of tits to look at. The Asylum pretends they don't know what they're doing, but really, they do.

This rating is on entertainment value ALONE.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Netflix Corner #19

This movie probably doesn't get talked about a lot, but I think more people should see it. It's an underrated gem. Starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, it's about two guys who are mistaken for bank robbers and sentenced to however long in prison. Then hilarity ensues. There's also a plot about a rodeo, but you'll have to see the movie to understand it. Anyway, you really should check out:

Last week I was evil and gave you three hard options to make up for missing a week. How did you guys do?

Dave, Maria-3

Here's last week's answers:
Hard #1: A group of people go into the jungle and are terrified.-Anaconda
Hard #2: They find some messed up people when they go exploring.-The Descent
Hard #3: This guy had an amazing life.-Forrest Gump

With that out of the way, it's back to a normal game...FOR NOW!
Hard: A criminal performing community service shows off his special skills!
Medium: Him and him along with the first him and her and him and another him all have adventures that intertwine.
Easy: Two dumb guys lose something and find a lot of something else.

Good luck! And there's a reason why hard is hard and medium is medium!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Lair of the Unwanted #29: Going Commando

In this wrestling themed episode of The Lair, Jason and Nolahn lament on the lack of guest this week and brave "Suburban Commando" alone. Along the way, they reveal their top three favorite movies starring wrestlers and Jason shows off his awesome Christopher Lloyd impersonation.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shark Attack Blog-A-Thon(g): Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, the instant the movie ended, I forgot everything I watched. Not to say I can't recall it but it's gonna be a struggle. And I'll forget some things. But really, it feels like the Men In Black made this movie and the final image was that flashy dildo thing they use. Speaking of, isn't it great casting to get Josh Brolin to play a young Tommy Lee Jones? It somehow fits and makes sense. I can't believe they waited about ten years to make a third "Men In Black" movie. I remember when the first two hit theaters, both times I saw them I was on dates and-

Oh. Sorry.

"Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus" can be taken as a sequel to "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" but that's like saying my left nut is a sequel to my right nut. Both are in the general area and both feature the same things but really, both are very different. Especially the left one. The way it-

Damn it. Sorry.

The movie starts with a Naval ship in the ocean and there's a guy looking at the worst CGI shark in a CGI tank (really guys you couldn't afford a giant plastic tub?) and the guy turns around and...HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT'S STEVE URKEL!! I'm not saying he LOOKS like Urkel...IT IS URKEL!! What the fuck is Urkel doing...oh nevermind. The Asylum. I get it.

Believe it or not, Urkel is some military shark expert, I guess, and he thinks the Mega Shark from the previous movie is still alive. Instead of bothering Debbie Gibson, they just named the ship after her and move on. After Urkel yells at the commander about Mega Shark still being alive, Mega Shark shows up, crushing the ship and kill Urkel's girlfriend. Laura, no!

Meanwhile in the Congo (I would make a joke here but I haven't seen "Congo". Sorry to disappoint) some Australian guy with a gun is making people dig around in a cave. For diamonds I guess. I think Leonardo Di Caprio made a movie about this but I'm not certain.

Y'know, I still haven't seen "Shutter Island" yet. My future sister-in-law told me the "twist" ending but I still want to see it. Supposedly it's very good and-


The damn crocasaurus shows up and chomps up some people. We then meet Nigel. Nigel is your typical bad ass hero in that he's dishonest, owns several weapons, and looks like he hasn't bathed in months. But god damn if he isn't still ruggedly handsome. To prove this, a HOT AUSTRALIAN chick shows up and asks Nigel for help in tracking down the croc. I am going to say that again. An AUSTRALIAN asks some BRITISH GUY named NIGEL for help in tracking down a GIANT CROCODILE! I...I hope Tom Clift reads this. Fuck, I'll MAKE him read this. Tom, do you find it insulting that an Australian had to ask a British guy for help in tracking down a giant crocodile? Or are you more insulted that I'm asking you this question?

To get to the punchline, Nigel and the hot Australian chick roam around Congo for five minutes when she falls into giant croc pee and then gets eaten by the giant croc. Nigel manages to shoot the croc with a tranquilizer, which knocks it out.

Meanwhile, Urkel is being questioned about being the only survivor of USS Debbie Gibson (OH GOD WHEN SHE DIES LET THIS REALLY HAPPEN) until some stuck up but still kinda hot chick named Hutchinson shows up, tells Urkel he's gonna help her and her top secret team of Mega Shark Hunters kill Mega Shark, and take her to a submarine. The Admiral of this submarine is played by Robert Picardo, who if you're a Star Trek fan, or Dylan Fields, you know that name immediately. Anyway, they ask Urkel for help in tracking down Mega Shark.

Nigel, meanwhile, is transporting the Giant Croc to Florida. Oh that makes sense. They don't have a BIG enough crocodile problem to begin with. Let's bring a 200 ton one there. While we're at it, when we find Mega Grandma, let's bring her there too! Jeez.

Hey guess what? Giant Croc wakes up when Mega Shark comes by to scope out the boat with the giant croc and they sorta fight but the CGI is so awful it's hard to tell. Anyway, the ship is destroyed and Hutchinson is dispatched to pick up Nigel so he'll work with Urkel to get both Mega Shark and Giant Croc.

The rest of the movie is pretty much Nigel and Urkel going to different parts of the world where either Mega Shark, the croc, or at times both are, try to kill them but instead ends up destroying the nearby city. This includes Miami, Panama, and Hawaii. And if that wasn't enough, Croc is laying eggs everywhere so now they have to find giant croc eggs and kill those as well. But Mega Shark is also after the eggs cause they're yummy or something. It's very boring in this middle part.

Fuck, the entire movie is boring, save for the random hot chicks that appear. There's a hot chick that runs a sub, a science lab that's testing a croc egg, and one at some power plant. Oh, the power plant. I have NO IDEA what was going on with the power plant. They kept saying "Arc Light" over and over again and it made lighting or something. I dunno.

Anyway, Urkel starts losing his shit to the point where he thinks Hutchinson is his girlfriend and tries to carry her out of a crashed helicopter. Eventually, they get the two giant beasts to fight while a volcano goes off, which kills them both. And Robert Picardo smokes a cigar. That's it.

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, the instant the movie ended, I forgot everything I watched. Not to say I couldn't recall it but it was a struggle. And I probably forgot some things. But really, it feels like the Men In Black made this movie and the final image was that flashy dildo thing they use. Speaking of, isn't it great casting to get Josh Brolin to play a young Tommy Lee Jones? It somehow fits and makes sense. I can't believe they waited about ten years to make a third "Men In Black" movie. I remember when the first two hit theaters, both times I saw them I was on dates and-

Wait, I just said all this, didn't I? Weird.

This movie is boring, stupid, and sucks. You'll be better off watching this. Let's just move on.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shark Attack Blog-A-Thon(g): Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

(Welcome to the start of my Spring Break Shark Attack Blog-A-Thon(g)! For the next several weeks, throughout spring, I will be watching as many bad shark movies I can get my hands on. But thankfully, I won't be going through this journey alone! I've asked several of my friends to participate in this and when they refused to return my email, I made some other bloggers watch some shark movies. I'll be posting those in the upcoming weeks as well. For now, to kick things off, here's my review of "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" or as I like to call it "The Aslyum Discovers a Niche and Sticks With It, Holy Fuck Do They Stick With It!")

I'm the Tiny Juggernaut, bitch!

Much like everybody else, I heard of this movie through online news. They made a big deal about it, saying things like "Pffft, can you believe there's a movie called 'Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus'! I mean come on!!" Then they went on and on about it starring Deborah "Don't Call Me Debbie" Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas. I was saying "Pfft, I see shit like this all the time."

Then I found out it was made by The Asylum and I went "Pfft, what else is new." Then I wondered what movie this might've been ripping off. The closest I can think of is "Shark Attack 3: Megalon", but that came out a few years ago and I don't recall a giant octopus, so I had to wonder "Could this be the first original movie made by Asylum? Are they changing a new leaf? WOW!" Then the previews before this movie started and they're releasing a movie called "The Terminators", so nevermind that.

You should be familiar with Asylum by now, I've done two of their movies here, both of which were horrible. But this is what they're known for, making rip off movies. Have I mentioned "Transmorphers" yet? Oh yeah, I have. Considering what's coming out this summer, I can't wait to see "Year 2" or "Carey Motter & The Full Bloody King". Should be good.

Alright, so after telling us this movie only stars four people, we find Deborah "Not Debbie" Gibson in a mini-sub with some dude. They're floating around in some ocean somewhere just looking around at fish and random things swimming. We also get shots of a dude in a helicopter dropping something off into the same body of water Debbie and Dude is in. 

Soon, some whales go apeshit (whaleshit?) and start swimming aggressively towards Debbie. Then through a series of jump cuts and horrible edits, some ice falls apart and inside said ice is our two main characters, Giant Shark and Mega Octopus! Or Mega Shark and Giant Octopus! Whatever! They're frozen, enlocked in a loving embrace. To prove they weren't totally fucking before the ice age, when they unthaw they act like mortal enemies and go their separate ways.

Debbie is like "Whoa" and suddenly we're in a car on land. Debbie is shaking up by the whole thing but I guess this little trip was illegal cause now she's in trouble with some underwater society she works for or whatever. This David Caruso-type dude shows up and yells at Debbie, while making her look at a dead whale on a beach. Debbie spots something but Fake Caruso (like we need one of those) tells her to piss off.

After drinking on the beach with Dude, Debbie sneaks back to the beach that night in a disguise. She offers the security guard a blow job to let her in. Ok, not really. She offered to sing "Lost In Your Eyes" and the guy, feeling threatened, let her in. Wise move, dude.

The thing Debbie found was a giant sharp white thing, that's rather tooth-shaped. She takes it home and tries to look up this tooth-like object but can't seem to find anything similar. Hmm, if only she opens her mouth and looks in the mirror. Or visits a dentist.

"Hm, I feel something in my teeth. Teeth? Could it be? YES! It's a whales penis!"
Well, Caruso fired Debbie and now that she's got some free time, she's gonna meet up with her old teacher Prof. Sanders, who taught her everything having to do with the water. Sanders use to be in the Navy but because he's Irish, he got drunk and crashed a sub. Tsk tsk.

"Either my cholesterol is high or I'm pregnant. Either way my wife's gonna kill me."
Debbie takes the white thing that could only be a tooth to Sanders, who immediately tells her it's a tooth. Debbie is dumbfounded at this revelation and wonders how a drunk Irish guy knew this, but a washed up singer from the 80's didn't. I kinda wonder myself.

Meanwhile, the shark and the octopus is going around causing all kinds of damage. The octopus tears up an oil rig and the shark stupidly jumps in the air and eats an airplane. Dr. Shimada talks to the only survivor of the oil rig thing, and the only thing that guy said was "AHHH!! AHH!!! Mega Octopus! AHHHHHH!!!!!" He's now locked up in an Asylum. Forced to watch "Snakes on a Train". HA!

Sanders brings in Shimada cause he thinks they're dealing with the same thing here, but Shimada says "No, this is an octopus" and they're like "Whoa, there's TWO giant creatures running around." When Debbie learns that the shark is a Megalon, she gets excited. I wonder if some dude is gonna offer to take her home and eat her pussy.

Speaking of, the pics she did for Playboy is totally on Google. Just sayin'.

Anyway, now they spend countless nights working on...something. I dunno what. But suddenly one morning a bunch of army or S.W.A.T dudes show up and take our trio to "TREASURE ISLAND US NAVAL AIR COMMAND STATION". I only know that cause we see this title card FIVE fucking times IN A ROW. 

See? I told you.
There, Lorenzo Lamas shows up and he isn't given a name through the entire movie, so even though I'm calling Debbie by her real name I have to call Lorenzo by his real name cause I have no choice. Lornezo immediately acts like an asshole by being a huge racist. I'm surprised he didn't lean in on Debbie and go "How about some, sugartits?" Maybe he did off-set.

Anyway, Lorenzo wants to hire our trio of renegades (HA, see what I did thar?) to do something about the shark and octopus. So it's another montage of them doing stuff! With science stuff! WOW! I honestly don't know what they were trying to do here, considering the actual science thing is coming up.

"If it's time to re-enact "The Re-animator" I get to be the headless guy!"
But first, Shimada and Debbie go "Eh, we're roughly the same age. Let's fuck." So they do, which happens that randomly in the movie. Sanders just shakes his head and goes "Oh you crazy young sober people!" and continues with the science. But the fucking scene gave us a purpose and our gang an idea: if they release pheromones, they'll think a mate is around and get horny and want to fuck and when they do...something! YAY!!!

Jeez, that's mean. These guys been frozen for a billion years and even though they were frozen while experimenting with each other, they get a chance to do it with an actual female, only to find there's no female and something bad is gonna happen to them. I certainly wouldn't like if that happened to me.

This something means Shimada has to go to Japan to lure the octopus while Debbie and Sanders lures the shark to San Francisco. Why there? Maybe the shark likes Haight-Ashbury. Or it's gay. Cause it was experimenting with the octopus, you see.

Ok, so by now you're probably bored and want to know "When does the VS come into play? Tell us you stupid little man!!" Well, I hate to say it, but so far this is what happens exactly in the movie. A bunch of science stuff, with a little fucking, and a bunch of title cards that says "TREASURE ISLAND US NAVAL AIR COMMAND STATION". 

We get another montage of them making the pheromones, which they do, and everybody says goodbye. The plan is to dump the stuff in the water and lure them there and I guess shoot them? It's not totally clear. I'll save recapping the next 20 minutes by telling you this doesn't work. Instead the shark just munches on the Golden Gate Bridge. Good idea, Debbie. Now how about you step aside and let us bring in Tiffany, huh?

Eh, it was time for a new one anyway. That was kinda old. Thanks Mega Shark!
Shimada says he didn't have any luck either but doesn't say how badly they fucked things up. Not knowing what to do now, Debbie goes to sleep and has a dream about random clips of the movie we just seen. One of these scenes includes a clip of Shimada on his sub but the background is missing, but we clearly see the green screen. If you can't do something that the local news manages to get right, you should stop making movies.

"You are going to put a picture behind me, right?
 Otherwise, this would look stupid. HAHAHA!"
Anyway, somehow Debbie gets an idea from out of this and runs to Lorenzo and Sanders and simply shouts "Thrilla in Manilla!" and acts like everyone's suppose to know what the hell she's talking about. After five minutes of "OH come on, you know what I mean, guys!", she explains. Just have the two beasts fight each other to the death. Which is a good idea except the whole thing about what if one survives? But they don't touch on that, so nevermind.

They do the pheromone idea but drag them back to the icy waters Debbie and Dude was at the beginning of the movie and oddly enough they do start fighting. Inside the sub, we keep focusing on some random guy every 2 seconds, even though he isn't a major character. Then out of nowhere, this guy has had enough of the captain yelling at him and pulls a gun out of nowhere and waves it in front of the captain's face. But the octopus grabs a hold of the sub, which is enough of a distraction for our crew. 

And just like that the random guy pulling a gun on the captain plot ends cause he mysteriously vanishes and Sanders takes over, despite being a drunk Irish guy. They manage to get away, the shark and octopus fight, and somehow they both die. All the fighting scenes, cause it's all CGI, is kinda hard to make out, but I think Octopus had the advantage.

Before Debbie can rub her vajayjay on the screen, Shimado returns to where ever and they continue their random romance, with him saying he'll stay where ever they are. But Sanders appears with a red folder, saying "Let's go!" and they all go. What the hell? Is this "Mission: Impossible"? They found MORE giant pre-historic sea animals fighting? Is this a pilot of a TV show? The fuck?

Whatever, it's over. And my disappointment can begin now. Of course, I've seen plenty of "VS" movies and I should know by now the VS part isn't gonna happen until the last 5 minutes of the movie. The first 1 hour and 25 minutes is gonna be people not having to do with any of the main characters going "OH NO! This is happening! OH NO! That's happening! We need to get them together to fight!" 

Seeing as this is an Asylum movie, I will give them points for coming up with a slightly original idea for a movie. And for casting Debbie Gibson as the female lead. But they lose points for reminding us of the existence of Lorenzo Lamas. I did forget to mention this movie was written and directed by a guy named Ace. 
Of course, that's his name.

Nolahn over at the Bargain Bin Review also reviewed "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" and for whatever reason, he enjoyed this movie. I guess he's not as easily bored as I am.

The Great White Dope proves how awesome he is by doing a review of "Tintorera: Killer Shark" a few days early! And apparently this was a big task for him, so much thanks to him!

I have a lot of movies left and I don't wanna do them all on my own. If this sounds like fun and you want to participate, email me and I'll send you the list of available movies. What do you get in return? I dunno, fame or glory or hookers or something. We'll figure something out.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What I Think It's About: John Carter

It's time I try to figure out what a good movie in theaters is about based solely on the name, the movie poster, and the trailer. This time, there's some movie named "John Carter" that's out and I never heard of this prior to it being released in theaters, so now I'm gonna figure it out.

First, by name. Well, it's a guy's name. So based on OTHER movies based on guys names (Michael Clayton, Ray, Beetlejuice) I'm guessing it's either an action shoot 'em up flick starring, I dunno, Channing Tatum or John Cena. Like it's about a guy who may or may not be a federal agent and either someone he loves is kidnapped (wife, girlfriend, kid, all three at the same time) or they're trying to frame him for a horrible crime and it's up to JOHN CARTER to fuck shit up! YOU DON'T MESS WITH FEDERAL AGENT JOHN CARTER!! FUCK YEAH!!!! Now, show me the poster!

Ummmm....WHAT?!? Why does it look like a "Conan The Barbarian" movie? Is this a The Asylum version of Conan? I mean if so, why the fuck "JOHN CARTER"?!? I mean, look at that name John Carter. OH! Maybe it's a time travel movie! Maybe the muscle bound guy is from our time, a federal agent of sorts, and he's sent back to the barbarian time either accidentally or for a mission and he must KICK ALL KINDS OF ASS IN THE PAST!! FUCK YEAH!! Now I gotta see the trailer for that!

I.....don't get it. Wait. DISNEY?! It looks like a lost "Star Wars" film! What the fuck?! I'm so confused. Why is it called "John Carter"? The fuck kinda name is that for a barbarian alien guy? WAIT HE'S FROM EARTH?! Maybe I'm right. So he's a time traveling intergalactic travelling guy...named John Carter...the most boring name ever. DON'T FUCKING NAME YOUR MOVIE THAT!!! That's terrible. I'm sure this movie sucks. NEXT!

The Netflix Corner #18

Jeez guys, I forgot to do a post last week and nobody reminded me. That tells me a lot. Too bad I'm gonna keep it going. So TAKE THAT! HA!!

Anyway, Nolahn over at the Bargain Bin Review just recently reviewed this movie and it's worth a look. Everybody check out:

So now...onto The Netflix Game! Two weeks ago, I threw out what I thought was the hardest "Hard" clue out there but thanks to some hints and Dylan being in the right place at the right time, he snagged it. So now your updated scores.


Here's last week's answers:
Hard: Two guys must stop a pest from taking over their place.-Mouse Hunt
Medium: A famous sports player must play or else bad things will happen!-Space Jam
Easy: A bumbling cop must stop an assassination attempt!-Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad

I might take it easy on you this week...or make up for the fact I skipped a week. IN fact...let's do all three hards, all worth 3 points each, for a total 9! Yeah!!!

Hard #1: A group of people go into the jungle and are terrified.
Hard #2: They find some messed up people when they go exploring.
Hard #3: This guy had an amazing life.

Have fun!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Initiation of Sarah

As I was writing my review of "The Initiation", I kept seeing "The Initiation of Sarah" popping up everywhere, even getting more info about that film. After doing a little digging, I saw the cast AND saw it was on Netflix Instant and said "What the fuck, why not?" I mean, it features Morgan Fairchild, Shelly Winters, AND Robert Hays.

Y'know, what's with "initiation" films starring people who are famous for being in spoof films?

Anyway, I'm just gonna come out and say right away that "The Initiation of Sarah" is a COMPLETE RIP OFF of "Carrie". I mean, down to me assigning characters from one movie to another. Don't believe me? Here's the story.

I'd like to Initiate THAT Sarah, if you get my meaning!
The film starts with two sisters named Patty (the popular one) and Sarah (the not-so-popular one) about to go to college. It's revealed that Sarah is adopted and Patty's mother belonged to a stuck up sorority. I apologize for never remembering the names of the sororities, it's all Greek to me.

(Ow, don't hit.)

Anyway, some guy who refused to have a light shine on him picks up on Patty and is about to pretty much rape her right there on a beach but Sarah stares at the guy and suddenly he can't swim. Welp, I can't imagine where THIS is going to go.

Everyone but Sarah keeps thinking Sarah will get accepted in the Bitchy Sorority, which is run by Morgan Fairchild and her nipples. They love Patty but refuse to let Sarah in. When they go to the sorority next door, which is run by the nice "hey whatever, man" group of girls, THEY love Sarah but don't like Patty. So naturally, it takes FOR FUCKING EVER to have them go where they fit in.

The instant Patty is accepted, Morgan Fairchild makes Patty make fun of Sarah and the sorority she got accepted in, which makes Sarah angry. Uh oh, you wouldn't like her when she's angry. Like when Robert Hays and a group of guys are lifting a piano by rope for no real reason except to cause "excitement" when Sarah causes it to come crashing down.

Sarah meets her new roommates, including Mouse, a girl who acts and even looks EXACTLY like Sarah. And then there's their house mother, Mrs. Hunter, played by Shelly Winters. Mrs. Hunter is...a bit off. And not because she's played by Shelly Winters. And this god damn movie makes you think SHE'S Sarah's real mother during a scene where they talk about her but that never goes anywhere. Jeez, movie, why'd you bring it up to begin with?

So if you've seen "Carrie", then you know how the middle part of the movie plays out. Morgan Fairchild makes fun of Sarah and her sorority. Sarah starts falling in love with a teacher who looks like Paul Rudd. Mrs. Parker wants Sarah to use her powers for EVIL!!!! to get revenge on Morgan Fairchild because...uh...something about someone dying and...I don't know it's kinda convoluted in this part. We just keep waiting for Sarah to cause evil shit to happen with her mind.

Well, we are now at my favorite scene. Sarah spots Morgan Fairchild walking with her sorority sisters and of course she needs to stand near this pond that's kinda out of place in this college. And while Morgan Fairchild berates Sarah and then Mouse, Sarah psychically PUSHES Morgan Fairchild into the pond. And that bitch goes FLYING! Oh man, it's not on Youtube. You fail me!

Morgan Fairchild wants revenge so she tricks Robert Hays to invite Carrie, er, Sarah on a date. Well, I can't imagine they'd rip off the "pigs blood" scene.

Oh. My. Fucking. God. Really??

And then we see Shelly Winters give Sarah a sponge bath?!?!?!

My brain hurts.

So Mrs. Hunter goads Sarah into trying to kill Morgan Fairchild and somehow Sarah knows Morgan Fairchild is in the shower and causes the shower to go crazy and burn her. But Sarah stops before any real damage is done. When Patty finds out what happened to Sarah, she quits the bitchy sorority. Probably just in time cause now it's time for the REAL crazy shit to happen.

The GOOD sorority hasn't had an Initiation process in 20 years but now that Psychic Sarah is here, Mrs. Hunter wants to do it again. It's REALLY some devil worshipping sacrifice thing where Mrs. Parker was gonna sacrifice Mouse to Satan while Sarah kills Morgan Fairchild. But all that ends up happening is Sarah causes Morgan Fairchild to age roughly 10 years, find out about Mouse, and then fights Mrs. Parker, which results in both of them burning to death.

I'm surprised there wasn't a scene where Sarah's hand burst out of the burnt rubble. Anyway, that's "The Initiation of Carrie, er, Sarah".

It's a rather slow moving film. There wasn't enough psychic powers, but when shit got crazy, it got crazy. Unfortunately, it was few and far in between and it really isn't worth your time watching this movie. If you want to see Morgan Fairchild's nipples, try Google.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Initiation

I've never been to what I guess you'll call a "real college". Y'know, the type where you move away from home, the campus is the size of a city, there's parties every weekend, and of course there's fraternities and sororities. If I ever did go to a real college, I certainly would never try to be in an fraternity, since majority of guys in frats are royal douchebags. But I picture it exactly how Asher Roth describes it.

Anyway, "The Initiation". It stars Daphne Zuniga, who I know as Princess Vespa from "Spaceballs" but most non-nerds might know her from "Melrose Place". I've never seen "Melrose Place" but apparently I'm missing out. Anyway, Clu Gulager is also in this movie. I just felt like pointing that out.

The start of the movie shows a little girl in bed waking up. She gets out of bed, walks to her parents bedroom where she spots two people fucking in a way you really only see in pornos. The woman getting fucked is surprised to see the girl and stops with the sex. Then it gets confusing for a moment when another guy in a suit shows up out of nowhere, fights the guy fucking the woman, then suddenly is lit on fire. The woman carries the little girl away as the guy burns to what I assume was death.

Then Daphne Zuniga wakes up and she's an adult in a sorority, pledging for them. It's the start of their "hell week". Oh shit, NOT again! Stay away, Linda Blair! Anyway, Daphne IS Kelly, a rich girl in a rich family. Her dad is Clu Gulager and he owns several businesses, including a mall. Megan, the head of the sorority, wants Kelly to steal her dad's keys to the mall so they can sneak in one night and pull a prank.

Then out of nowhere it turns into "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". We go to a sanitarium and the bitchy nurse walks through just being a bitch to all the crazy people, really for no reason. To prove she's a bitch, she yells at a gardener FOR NO REASON! He's just gardening and she goes "HEY STOP GARDENING AND GO BACK TO MEXICO! Oh you're white and you're a patient here. I'm sure nothing will happen to me then."

Hey guess what? Later that night she's killed by a gardening tool. Good job, Nurse Bitch. Clu Gulager gets a call that some inmates escaped the sanitarium. So he owns that place too? Well, this is revealed later on. For now, the movie is going to lay it on pretty thick.

Kelly confides in her hunky teacher (who sorta looks like Andrew McCarthy) that she keeps having that messed up dream from earlier. But then she got amnesia when she was 12 and couldn't remember anything before then. OH BOY I KINDA SORTA KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING BOY HOWDY!!

So yeah, I'm shouting the entire movie "THAT'S NOT A DREAM, THAT'S A MEMORY!" but the movie wants to play this game, so we'll play along. *sigh* GOSH what a weird "dream"! You should get hooked up to some machines and have this "DREAM" analyzed! GOD THIS FUCKING DREAM IS SO WEIRD THAT IT COULDN'T POSSIBLY HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!!!

Oh yeah, the hunky teacher's assistant looks like this:

It's a wonder anyone got laid in the '80s.

Kelly's mother doesn't approve of Kelly getting this "dream" figured out and reveals that her real last name is something else. The teacher thinks Kelly has multiple personalities but the real thing is much more lamer. In fact, if you can figure it out by now, just say it out loud.

Yeah, you're probably right.

The little stuff in this movie is awesome. Like this one royal douchebag who's in love with Kelly, but she keeps turning him down, so he hooks up with Megan, the head of the sorority, who's a royal bitch in her own right. There's also a chick named Marcia who's a virgin and she's dating this dude named Ralph, who's suppose to be funny. To prove this, they go to some costume party and Ralph decides to dress like a dick.

I mean literally he's a giant dick. Just look!

The movie gets sorta weird at this party, with people just saying weird random things and not really figuring into the whole "killer" angle. But speaking of, it's revealed that Clu Gulager is cheating on Kelly's mom with someone and as he's about to go meet her, our killer kills him. Aww no! I like Clu Gulager! He's a bad ass!

So anyway, it's finally the night of the prank. Kelly's got the keys and she gives them to Megan. Megan tells Kelly and the other girls who are being pranked they have to go into this mall, find the security guard, and steal his uniform. Sounds simple enough. Especially when the security guard looks like this:

It's like this guy said "Y'know, I wanna be a human living '80s cliche!" He even wore cowboy boots! He probably came to work in a Member's Only jacket, blasted some Flock of Seagulls or Dexy's Midnight Runners in his Testarossa. If only he was featured more in this movie. Sadly, he gets killed.

So Kelly, Marcia, and a slutty girl are running around this mall looking for the security guard. Megan tells the douchy guy she's with and Ralph to sneak in and scare the girls cause THIS is the real prank. Oh boy. Anyway, this whole sequence takes about 45 minutes but I can sum it up real quick: everybody who isn't Kelly gets killed.

Oh! But before Marcia is killed, she reveals to everybody that she was raped when she was 12 and that's why she's cold about sex, NOT cause she's a virgin. Everyone feels real bad about this, including me, but holy fuck did it take FOREVER to tell us that, when we saw it coming at the words "when I was a kid..."

Ralph takes this as his cue to go ahead and fuck the pain out of Marcia, and it works. Then Ralph gets killed. Man, this chick is gonna have major issues later in life. She's raped as a kid, then her NEXT sexual experience the guy is killed immediately afterwards. She might as well just cut her hair short now and wear plaid. (Lesbian stereotypes FTW!!!) (My apologizes to lesbians everywhere.)

Anyway, it's just Kelly and Marcia left. They hide in a freight elevator thinking the killer won't find them there. But no, he does. Kelly opens the elevator and instead of grabbing onto Marcia like you normally see in horror movies, Kelly fucking leaves Marcia behind as she hauls ass to the door. At some point Kelly goes "Oh yeah Marcia" and turns around but too late: Marcia's dead. Oh well. Sorry lesbians.

Ok so the weird looking assistant to Not Andrew McCarthy figures out what the deal with Kelly is. Hey guess what? It's not a dream, it's a memory. YOU DON'T FUCKING SAY?!?!?!?!?! This really happened when Kelly was a kid. The guy fucking her Mom wasn't Kelly's Dad! Kelly's Dad is the guy who showed up out of nowhere and gets burnt. So yes, Clu Gulager was the other guy and HE ends up cheating on Kelly's Mom.

Man, soap opera's aren't this confusing.

Oh wait it gets better. Kelly's REAL dad was in that sanitarium from earlier and he escaped. Oh and he's the crazy gardener guy. Oh snap! So Not Andrew McCarthy shows up at Kelly's Mom's house and I love the way he talks to her. It's like he was instructed to tell a mentally challenged chimp to use the phone.


So Not Andrew McCarthy shows up at the mall and spots Kelly. But Kelly is wearing different clothes. And we see her on the roof getting chased by her dad. And Kelly hits her dad with a pipe, causing him to fall off the roof and go crashing down on the ground. But....

SPOILER ALERT Kelly has a twin sister and she's FUCKING CRAAAAAAAAAZY!!!!!! SHE'S the one going around killing everybody cause she's jealous of Kelly's life. That's it. That's all. So now that I'm royally let down, it's time for Kelly to kill her sister she FORGOT she had.

Ok, I swear a soap opera writer wrote this movie.

Despite the lame twist, this movie is alright. It's not really special, but it is good for a few laughs. The last half of the movie in the mall takes FOREVER and you just get mad at everybody for being so stupid. It's on Netflix Instant Watch, I say give it a go. There are FAR worse movies you could subject yourself to. And if you wanna have fun, have a party where you watch this movie and you dress up like the security guard.

And if you do, PLEASE take a picture of yourself doing so and send it to me. My email is off to the right.

(Mainly for the security guard and the fact there were tits galore in this movie. Otherwise I would've gave it a  2.)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Lair of the Unwanted #28: Nolahn's Big Birthday Bash By Birds

In this bird-tastic episode of "The Lair of the Unwanted", Nolahn takes control of the hosting seat in honor of his 27th birthday! (Jason is still fuzzy on the math.) After talking about the awesome Binnie Awards and a future blog-a-thon, they talk about the awesomely awful "Bird-emic: Shock and Terror" and we get a Lair first!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

RT #OMG Invasion Of The B Movies

Within the last week on Twitter (@invasionbmovies) I've gotten a whole lot of followers and it's giving me a pretty big head (NOT that one) and I have to wonder what it is I could've done lately to get such a huge following. Then I realize it doesn't matter, I'm HUGE on Twitter. 200 followers, baby! Take THAT Charlie Sheen!

I also wonder if these new followers know anything about me and the website. So here, for all the new people that's found this site, is everything you need to know about Jason Soto and Invasion of the B Movies.

I was born in 1980.
I created the site in 2005.
I had an actual website that I built from the ground up but everybody thought it was the most horrible thing in existence so I closed it down in December 2011.
I created this site you're on here in 2006 (or so) as an off-shoot of The Site, where I talked about other things and reviewed movies that I felt didn't deserve a full review.
In January 2012, I purchased
My mother was forced to watch "Friday the 13th" back in 1980 and liked the named Jason, hence that's where my name came from.
I currently own over 500 movies, from DVD to VHS.
I also own every episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000", either on DVD or VHS. The VHS' were taped off of TV DURING THE ACTUAL AIRING. I know, right?
I do a feature at called "Horror Thursdays" cause whoever came up with the name didn't feel like thinking. Anyway, I review some sort of horror movie every week. It's mildly popular. (In that I'm more popular than the DVD Reviews, but less popular than the "Classic Films" post, so take that for what it's worth.)
I'm friends with the guy who does the DVD Reviews and he knows I'm kidding.
I review any type of bad movie, ones you never heard of, ones you sorta heard of, or ones you've seen and went "OH MY GOD THAT WAS TERRIBLE". Examples include: "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats", "Wiseguys vs Zombies", "Battlefield Earth", and last but not least "Murder Set Pieces".
I HATE "Murder Set Pieces". HATE IT! Read why.
Oh yeah, I'm slowly uploading all my old reviews to an archive blog I made. So keep checking back for that.
I almost prevented the career of Shia LaBeouf.
I've only met three celebrites: Seth Green, the lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, and of course Tommy Wiseau. (Yes, I'm saying the lead singer of Gym Class Heroes is a celebrity. Leave me alone.)
I'm from a city in Indiana called East Chicago, which is...well you can figure it out. But since people think I'm saying "Chicago" anyway, I just tell them I am from Chicago and leave it at that.
I moved to Indianapolis in 2008.
I work at a "huge" "office" "supply" store that rhymes with Craples. I sorta like my job but I sorta don't. But whatever.
I'm leaving out huge personal things cause I don't wanna get unneeded sympathy or make people think I'm seeking attention. But with that said, I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers, you can't deny.
I like any kind of rock music, a lot of metal, and mainly anything from the '90s. But for whatever reason, I seem to have the guilty pleasure of liking what's called "chick rock". I never really thought about it until my future wife pointed it out and yeah I guess so. This includes Natalie Imbruglia, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, and even though I admit it's a horrible song, this song by Sara Bareilles.

Dear lord that video is awful.

I also know all the words to Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" but I blame my job for that.
I have a podcast called "The Lair of the Unwanted". I have a co-host named Nolahn and he has a website called Bargain Bin Review. The story of him being on the podcast is funny. He joins up on the LAMB and asks if anyone seen this list of horrible movies. I was the only one who had (well that's probably not true but whatever) so I checked out his site and realized he had similar tastes to me. So out of the blue I emailed him and said "Hey, you don't know me, but you wanna do a podcast together?" and he said "Sure" and we never looked back.
I use to do a video series called "Jason Made A Video" where I just filmed myself doing weird things and talking to stuffed animals. It was....strange. Now, I'm mainly on Nick Jobe's Vlog.
I'm never going to live this video down:

True story, people from the "Step Up" franchise took that video seriously. Yeah, I don't know why.
I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
Ok that's not true.

And a whole bunch of other stuff but I'm gonna stop there. Anyway, thanks for following along and I promise I'll have more reviews in the near future. Just keep an eye out! Or a spleen. What is a spleen anyway? Hm.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Building A Cult Movie: Boogerman

I'm not the biggest video game fan on the planet. It took me forever to master "Guitar Hero" (You try playing "Heart Shape Box" on demo mode in a Best Buy and not be nervous) and this was mainly as a kid growing up, I didn't have a lot of game consoles. I had an Atari of course, but I think EVERYONE in the '80s had one. Then a GameBoy. Then eventually I got a Sega Genesis. Now you know you're old if you remember when consoles CAME with games. Nintendo had "Super Mario Brothers" and Genesis had "Sonic". After I beat Sonic (some six months later) I eventually asked for another Genesis game. Yeah, I only played one game at a time. I told you I wasn't a gamer. Anyway, the next Genesis game I got was "Boogerman".

I'm sure whoever in my family got me this game saw the title and said "Oh yeah, Jason is going to love this". Not that I'm gross in anyway, but I was a bit immature, even at age 13. I dunno if anyone remembers "Boogerman" but allow me to refresh your memory.

Boogerman was a super hero who had the ability to use his farts to fly around, pick non-stop boogers as weapons, and burped a lot. Naturally, this is the best game in the whole fucking world. That's right, I used PRESENT tense! Sure "Grand Theft Auto" features car jacking and fucking prostitutes, but you FLEW WHILE FARTING! How awesome is that?

In this world of turning every video game into a movie, I'm surprised "Boogerman" hasn't been touched yet. So that's what I'm here to write about. To theorize a "Boogerman" film and how it would go down.

The story from the video game is perfect. Here, I'll quote Wikipedia, the most reliable source on the planet:

"One dark and stormy evening, The civic-minded Professor Stinkbaum was working in his lab where he was secretly building a machine that would save the world from pollution by transporting it to a place he called Dimension X Crement. That same evening, overtly eccentric turd, Sam Leuck paid a visit to the lab to investigate this project and find out how such a thing was possible. He wasn't too sure about the machine's purpose. When the machine was activated, a cloud of pepper was inhaled through the nose by Stinkbaum, causing him to let out a mighty sneeze. The power of said sneeze broke the machine. As a result of it breaking, a portal opens from it. Just then, a mysterious giant arm pops out of the portal and steals the machine’s main power source. In response to this danger, Leuck rushes into the Men’s room to change into his alter ego, the mighty Boogerman! After doing so, he jumped into the portal to pursue the arm to learn the reason for the theft it had committed."

I think that story works. Now, of course, Hollywood being Hollywood, they'd insist on a origin story. How did Sam become Boogerman? You know what? Who gives a fuck? It can be explained quickly in a flashback if needed, do we need a whole movie telling us the origin of a superhero? How stupid would THAT be?

Oh. Anyway.

Casting. Assuming this doesn't become a big Hollywood thing (And with a story like this, I doubt it) I think some minor league players could get a shot here. For the main role of Boogerman, for some reason, I'm picturing Jon Polito, who you might know from a slew of Coen Brothers films, like "The Big Lebowski" or if you watch "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" he played Frank's brother.

Looks like he already played a superhero of some kind.
I'm only going by how Boogerman LOOKS on the cover of the game. Now if you ignore THAT, a comedian who isn't afraid to take strange roles, like a shaved Zach Galifianakis. Have you never seen him without the beard?

Something like this.
Or maybe Patton Oswalt would be funny. So any of those would work.

Now the main villain is named Boogermeister. He's basically this giant guy with a green splat for a face, so some heavy makeup work would need to be done. This could be done by anyone really. You could go with Jim Carrey, who's done stuff like this before, but let's think outside the box. I'm serious about this but I think Jeff Goldblum would be awesome at it. I don't know if Goldblum ever played a villain before (I guess "The Fly" kinda counts?) and I think he'd have fun in the role.

Now, this being a movie, I'm sure there'd have to be a love interest or at least a woman in there somewhere. There wasn't in the game but I'm sure she'd get written in. And if they were aiming this film for the kids, there'd be a kid and/or a pet and/or both mixed in. The pet will probably be a dog or a monkey, but they should be different and go with an animal that isn't used a whole lot. Like say, a sheep.

And I just happen to know a Sheep.
So for the woman and kid, I guess it could be anybody who's willing to take the part. I'm sure the kid would have to be an unknown since all the kid actors I've liked are all grown up now (Like, say, half the cast from "The Sandlot"). The woman, since it involves gross humor, could be played by Sarah Silverman. I guess she could be like Snot Queen or something, who rules the planet/dimension the film takes place in. Again, I'm just spitballing here cause the WHOLE movie can't be just Boogerman roaming around this dimension, can it?

The final part of this puzzle would be who would direct it. I know Uwe Boll seems to have stock in making video game movies as of late, but I think he'd fuck it up and have Boogerman carry a gun for no reason. I hate Michael Bay. So I think it'd have to be Paul W.S Anderson. Or maybe Paul Verhoeven. What's he up to lately? Is he even still alive? Anyway, both of them are familiar with fantastic settings and should be able to pull it off.

To recap, here's the cast I have for "Boogerman: The Movie":
Boogerman-Zach Galifianakis/Patton Oswalt (Last resort: Jon Polito)
Professor Stinkbaum-Whoever up above who doesn't play Boogerman would be good for this role.
Boogermeister-Jeff Goldblum (Last Resort: Jim Carrey)
Female Companion/Love Interest-Sarah Silverman
Kid-Unknown (What about the kid from "Hugo"? Sure, why not?)

Directed by Paul W.S Anderson or Paul Verhoeven
Written by? Of course me! Since I think I'm the only one who even remembers this stupid game to begin with.

Anyway, tell me how horribly wrong I am in the comments or if you even remember the game.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Netflix Corner #17

This is a pretty popular movie, but I'm sure not a lot of people are aware that it's on Netflix Instant Watch. So if you've haven't seen it in awhile, or haven't seen it at all, here's your chance!

With that said, onto The Netflix Game! Last week, you guys didn't quite get the theme I had going, which is OK since I didn't mention there was a theme. I can be evil like that.


Here's last week's answers:
Hard: A girl returns to the place she once visited to find it's all destroyed.-Return of Oz
Medium: A woman from New York City finds herself in a magical land.-The Wiz
Easy: A girl from a farm is transported to another world.-The Wizard of Oz

What do I have in store for you this week?
Hard: Two guys must stop a pest from taking over their place.
Medium: A famous sports player must play or else bad things will happen!
Easy: A bumbling cop must stop an assassination attempt!

I will be honestly impressed if anyone gets the "Hard" without a hint.