Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Announcement Day!!

It's here, finally! I know you all been waiting with baited breath, which is just gross. Get some damn mouth wash.

Ok, now that our breath is nice and minty, it's time to announce my movie reviewing schedule for the month of June! But instead of just simply typing the words, I shall use the art form of pictures to convey the message. And away we go!

Yep. June is gonna be "Them Crazy Kids Nowadays" month! And...this is probably gonna be the month that's gonna kill me. So pray for me while I watch Zac whatever jump around all gay like while picturing that one chick's nude photos. Should be fun.

Bonus Announcement! I said I was gonna offically announce what the next Mass Invasion is gonna be, so here it is, also in picture form:

Yes, the Joe Esterhaus/Paul Verhooven/Liz Berkley masterpice! My boobie shot count is gonna get a lot higher. I should say "bigger", get what I'm say? Huh? Huh?

Anyway, I'm not gonna announce what date the Mass Invasion will be done and up cause I seem to have bad luck when I do. Just know it'll be done sometime before the summer ends.

That'll do it for now. Hope you enjoyed this special Announcement Day! The first High School Musical shall be posted (hopefully) on June 1st.

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