Friday, May 09, 2008

I Guess This Is Called A "Meta-Post"

Over at the LAMB, head master Fletch came up with a cool idea: an award show-type-thing where all the LAMB's (and non-LAMB's if I'm not mistaken) vote on which blogger should be awarded what award for each category. The awards are almost done with and I came to a realization:

I'm probably not gonna win anything.

And no, this isn't gonna be a whiny post about why I'm not. It was kind of expected, for the following reasons:
1. I've never been "the popular" person, including things I do or maintain. It gets some acknowledgement and according to StatCounter, I get about 20 hits a day (it was a bit more during 30 Days of Horror, thanks to being linked at TWOP, and no doubtedly the LAMB), but otherwise, I'm just like how I was in highschool: just kinda there, shuffling along, doing my thang quietly while everyone looks at the high school jocks and pretty cheerleaders making out in the hallways. So considering the large number of people listed, who post more content and are probably more well known thanks to being linked on the Hot List on IMDB, I'm just kinda here.

2. My blog (and the website the blog is about) focuses on B-Movies and/or bad movies in general, aka the unwanted stepchild of the film business. As a result, there's a lot of negetiveness featured here and as the world showed me, nobody likes a Negetive Nancy.

3. Looking at the awards, if you think about it, none of them apply to me. I use generic stars for a rating system. My LAMB banner was made in MS Paint. The only running feature I have is Trailer Thursdays and I don't even do 'em every Thursday. And not to sound like I'm putting myself down, but I don't believe I have the Best Blog out there. I thought for sure I was a shoe in for "Most Prolific" until Fletch told me that The Flick Chick is doing 100 movies in 100 days! I was literally floored. No really, I needed a shovel to pick myself back up. I got burnt out around Day 20, yet this person (I'm not gonna assume the maintainer is a "chick") is doing 100 movies in a row?? That's dedication. My hats off to you Flick Chick.

4. I kicked almost everyone's ass during the Sirens of the LAMBs thing. Honestly, I probably wasn't suppose to get past round 1 cause my first story just sucked. It sucked cause I didn't know how to write it or what I was doing. After I sent it in, my fiancee told me that this whole thing reminds her of "fan fiction" and it was then I realized what I was suppose to be doing. So somehow I got lucky and made it past round 1 and since then my stories have been a bit better, I think. But somehow I'm still underestimated. Now I made it to the final round, and I'm just waiting for the final stories to be posted so voting can begin. I'm really curious how this vote turns out.
If you haven't, here are my battles:
River vs The Bride
Sil vs The Bride
Kyra vs The Bride

I also lucked out cause I had no fucking clue who River Tam or Kyra was when I wrote those. At least I saw "Species" once. I hated it (Yes only good thing was the nudity), but I seen it.

Just so we're clear:
I really don't think that just cause I won round after round in the sirens event that nobody voted for me. I just put this one in as a wild theory.

And I also don't want anyone to think I'm really being whiny and complaining. I'm grateful to even be listed among these great bloggers and when LAMB events to come up, I try to partake in them cause it's fun and that's what all of this is really about, having fun. So I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or hate me cause I'm a cry-baby or whatever. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy reading other people's blogs, and like a few other people tell me "Yeah, your blog isn't well know, but it's unique cause you do tackle the movies everyone else hates."

That should be on my tombstone.

Here Lies Jason Soto
Tackling The Shit The Majority Hates.

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Fletch said...

For what it's worth, I have a few words:

1. Only LAMBs were eligible to vote. 33 of them did.

2. I'm really glad that people like you and Nick (amongst others) have taken an active part in the LAMB. It really does in many ways make my day. If I didn't have people like you that showed interest in the awesome (and sometimes lame, I'm sure) ideas that I come up with, I probably wouldn't be doing it for long. So for that, I'm really thankful.

3. With only 14 awards, most sites aren't gonna win. I say that just as a matter of fact; 78 sites were eligible.

4. I do feel bad about having some (or many) categories that exclude a number of sites. I tried to make them pretty vague and applicable to many sites, and I got some good suggestions for new ones/ones to ditch for the next time this comes around.

5. I suck. I still have yet to write my final Sirens post (this weekend, I promise!), but I vow to beat you. I've seen your call for votes on your livejournal page. I'll send an army out to take the honors. ;)

6. Yeah, I think that Most Prolific one was over before it started.

7. Thanks for the post. I hear where you're coming from. You have your work cut out for you tackling the unwanted movies. But what a great challenge.