Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You Too Can Write For The Site!!

Not, the band U2...but if they wanted to write a review, that'd be mega awesome.

No, what I'm trying to get across is during my 2 and a half year run of this site, I've only had two "reader reviews" and both were from my friend Bill. I've always stated from the get-go that if anyone was interested in writing a review and wanted it posted on my site, I'd gladly accept it. But I don't think I ever came out and said it all openly like I'm saying it now.

So here we go.

Since I'm taking most of the month of May off cause April was an exhausting month, I thought I'd extend the invitation to have somebody fill in the gaps and write a review.

You're probably thinking to yourself "But Jason I don't have the time. I gotta work 18 jobs cause the economy sucks ass, plus we're getting those stimulus checks which I have to immedately put into my gas tank cause gas costs like 10 dollars a gallon or something, but you wouldn't know that cause you don't drive you lazy stupid bastard."

First off, that was a bit unnessessary at the end there.

Secondly, and here I'm letting you all in on the super mega secret, it takes me no more than 5 or 6 hours tops to do a review! That's right, I watch, take screen caps, take notes, write, edit, and post a movie and it's review all in the same day. Which is why I choose Sunday cause I'm off and I usually don't go anywhere.

So if you have some free time, wanna rip a movie that I haven't done yet to shreds, and think you can be even funnier (if that's possible...just kidding) than me, then go for it!!

Here are the guidelines:
1. It can be a movie, a short, or if you have the strength and the courage, an episode of "Date My Mom" (Which I TOTALLY blanked on doing for Mother's Day. I suck).
2. It can be however long or short you want it. I normally kinda sorta cover every single thing that happened in the movie, but find a way to not make it 200 pages long. And as you no doubt noticed, I do include spoilers and endings and such.
3. For an actual review, images are required. If you're not able to do so, let me know and I'll gladly take the images for you. (For this, it'd have to be a movie I can get on DVD)
4. Gotta stick to the format I have set up: List the characters, the review, the final thought, and the rating. I don't do half stars.
5. And here's the part where I sound like an asshole: I have the right to deem the review postable or not. If you pick a movie that I love, but you hated it, I'll still post it cause we all do have different opinions and I (normally) repsect said opinions, but if I feel you were a bit harsh I have a say so in that as well. Not that I have room to judge about being too harsh, but whatever.

Ok, that's it for the rules and stuff. This isn't something anybody HAS to do, it's all a voluntary process, but I hope someone does it.

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Ghidorah said...

Hi Jason,

Let's make a deal ;)


1) Add http://acheteretentretenirsatronconneuse.blogspot.com to your links page
2) Go to http://tronconneuse.index.googlepages.com/home and pick a movie from the list

1) Write a review (i english, of course) of the movie you picked
2) send it to you

Is this OK with you?