Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Rare Breed: Female B-Movie Reviewers

When I first started the whole reviewing B-Movies game, I look up quite a lot of B-Movie Review sites. And something stood out: There weren't any female reviewers. At least ones that hosted their own site. You could say that maybe it's cause it's kind of a dorky geeky thing to do, like how you don't see too many female Star Wars or Star Trek fans. Or maybe it's like most women refuse to sit through bad movies "for fun" and think it's a giant waste of time or something. I'm not really sure.

But I've finally stumbled upon two quirky females who not only tackle bad movies, but horror movies as well. I feel someone needs to stand up and showcase them cause, well, they're hot. NO wait, that's not what I mean. I mean they ARE hot...

Ok, do over.

I feel someone needs to stand up and showcase them cause I think they do a fantabulous job and should be applauded.

And cause they're hot.

#1: Cryptique hosted by Miko Macabe

This was bought to my attention by a friend and reader. It's basically a Youtube version of Elvira, a hot girl in a very revealing outfit reviews an entire movie, with odd and funny sketches thrown in between. She only has two episodes up, "Night of The Demons" and "Burial Ground: NIGHTS OF TERROR!", but they are definately worth a look.

#2: Final Girl

She's a LAMB and I didn't check her out until recently when we had to vote for the LAMMY thing, but it was a quick read through and I think the post she had up the day I checked it out didn't impress me much. Now reading through most of her blog, I kinda regret not spending more time before voting. But it's ok cause she did get runner up for Best Blog, so no tears shall be shed for Final Girl.

What I like about Final Girl is she does extensive b-movie reviews, kinda like mine. And they're funny. Not really like mine, but I try, dammit! The only downside is, she's one of those "weirdos" that likes the original "April Fool's Day". If she ever responds to my email, I'll have to ask her why.

I'm wondering now if maybe there are more out there on the big world we call the world wide web. Maybe they're carefully hidden, I dunno. If you know of a female B-Movie reviewer, or hell, even are one, leave me a comment or drop me a line.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to convince my fiancee why "Pervert!" is a masterpiece.

PS: Just so we're clear, I am only talking about B-Movies, not just "regular" movies. I am aware that there are a lot of female movie bloggers, like D.C Girl @ The Movies that do DVD & Theater reviews.

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highway234 said...

i know this is sorta off topic, but have you ever heard of the show sandra bernhardt used to host in the 90s? it was all nudie cutie reviews and i remember it being pretty awesome.

and that's not entirely true about there not being star wars/trek girl fans. there's still probably more men than women but it's not as lopsided as you might expect.