Thursday, May 01, 2008

Supernatural: Dead Man's Blood, Salvation, Devil's Trap

Damn it!! I hate when season's end like that!! Ok ok...

"Dead Man's Blood" is about vampires but more importantly, it's about this gun that can kill ANYTHING. Papa Winchester shows up and tells Sam & Dean about the gun and now they all must work like a family to stop the fire demon. Eventually, they get ahold of the gun and kill the head vampire and now it's off to disc 6!

"Salvation" brings back Meg, that bitchy hitchhiker chick FROM HELL! as she kills a bunch of Papa Winchester's friends, cause she and the devil, yes the actual devil, wants the gun. Sam gets another vision of the fire demon killing another mom and baby and they decide that THIS ENDS TONIGHT!

Dad has to go meet with Meg and some other dude while Sam & Dean kill the fire demon. Let's say neither goes as plan. Sam misses the fire demon and Daddy gets captured. To be continued...

"Devil's Trap" wraps a few things up. Sam & Dean are apparently ordained priests cause they perform an exorcism on Meg, who shows up but she walks into a pentegram, which disables demons. The real Meg shows up and is a whiney bitch before she dies. They go looking for Daddy, who's trapped in an apartment and while posing as firemen, they get him.

They shack up in a cabin somewhere when...(SPOILER)

DADDY IS POSSESSED!! By HIM!! The big HIM!! And not God Him, the OTHER Him!! WOW!!!! Turns out he's killing certain newborns cause they grown up to be psychic. Why this bothers Old Scratch is a mystery but whatever. While Satan is trying to kill Dean, Daddy takes over, which releases the brothers from Satan's mind meld in time for Sam to grab the gun. Sam contemplates if killing Satan is worth losing his father's life and he's like "Well...Satan isn't THAT bad" and doesn't kill him, so he unpossesses Daddy, and Dad actually gets pissed off that Sam didn't kill him. Sheesh, what an ingrate.

Anyway, on the way to the hospital, a possessed trucker runs them over and the last shot OF THE SEASON I SHOULD ADD is The Winchesters knocked the fuck out in the car. And...that's it. End Season 1!

ARGH! Ok. I KNOW they're not dead. But...will Satan be bugging them in season 2 also?? Guess there's only one way to find out...

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