Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Double Feature #2: Thriller: A Cruel Picture/Dead Alive

After flipping a coin, I watched "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" first. This is a movie I been wanting to see for awhile now. My friend Adam was the first to bring it to my attention, then the Cinema Diabolica guys (who seem to have vanished) took it on. I chronicalled the affair I had getting this movie so now I finally got to watch it.

Afterwards, I watched "Dead Alive" as part of my annual viewing to honor when I started my website all the way back in 2005 (Jesus I been doing this for four years?). I still love the movie, what with it's "I kick ass for the Lord" speech and the ending where Lionel kills the zombies with a lawn mower. I wish Peter Jackson...well you know.

1. Any similarities?
Both movies take place in different countries, "Thriller" being Sweden and "Dead Alive" in New Zealand. Both films have two cuts available, the "heavily cut" for them easily offended Americans, and the full directors cut with so much sex and/or gore you can shake a stick at. Both have main characters who start off as normal and weak, then end up getting strong and kicking lots of ass. And both seem to have a cult following.

2. Any differences?
The overall tone in "Thriller" is kinda dark and brooding, while "Dead Alive" is a fun zombie film. I should've felt bad for the One-Eyed Chick in "Thriller" but I didn't cause it seemed like if she was smart at the beginning of the movie, she wouldn't have gotten herself into that problem to begin with. I felt more sorry for Lionel cause he just wants to have a normal life but his Mum is too overbearing. What stops him for killing her is anybody's guess. Well, in a way he eventually does I guess.

3. Any compatibility?
I think Lionel would be scared of One-Eye. But if a zombie outbreak occured in Sweden, and she heard about Lionel's exploits, she'd probably call, well more like send a message, to him and then both of them stand side-by-side, her with a sawed-off shot gun and him with his lawn mower, kicking zombie ass. It'd be even greater if all the dudes One-Eye killed came back to life.
In terms of the movies themselves, I think it was an interesting combination. Lots of blood and ass kicking.

4. Would it have been different if watched in reverse order?
Probably not. I was expecting a super dark depressing movie with "Thriller" and when that came up first, I was happy that I got to use "Dead Alive" as a way to wash away any feelings I might've gotten. But I was a bit dissapointed in "Thriller" cause none of the stuff that ended up happening to her was any different than I seen before. Maybe if I was around in 1970-whatever year that came out, I would be like "GASP! Heroin?? An EYE PATCH??? Putting a dick in her anus?? MY WORD, MAN!!" then dance to the Bee Gee's or something. But since I watch a lot of porn and b-movies with so much sex it'll make Ron Jeremy be a Mormon, I wasn't that shocked or disguisted. I guess I was expecting "I Spit On Your Grave" or "Last House on the Left" type of exploitation. This was just a chick who made a dumb mistake and now she has to fight her way out of it. So I think the order wouldn't have made any difference.

My recommendation:
I wouldn't watch these two together again. I know this whole thing is about pairing movies that have nothing to do with each other, but this is where I discover that this pairing wasn't right. I think you need to watch another early Peter Jackson film with "Dead Alive" and some other kind of exploitation film with "Thriller" to fully get the effect. I feel kinda odd right now. Not suicidal like the other day, just...weird.

Quick word about "Thriller":
I would award "Thriller" two stars cause it wasn't a bad movie, but it didn't live up to my expectations. It was kinda built up to me and I was expecting a lot of guns shoved into guys throats and then pulling the trigger. Instead I got a lot of slow motion scenes for some reason. Way, way, way too many slow motion scenes. I will say this though, the chick that played One-Eye was hot and she is naked like half the movie. I have my doubts about the sex scenes being her cause they were quite graphic, but holy hell she's hot.


Anonymous said...

Damn. I thought "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" was gonna be an expose of Michael Jackson's video.


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