Saturday, August 08, 2009

Stuff Going On

1. If you are waiting for a prized DVD from me, I assure you I will mail it out on Monday. I apologize, I been super busy.

2. RIP John Hughes

3. This month marks the FOUR YEAR ANNIVESARY of Invasion of the B Movies! WHAT?? WHAT??!! I know I can't believe it. I don't really have anything special planned though cause this job I have is kicking my ass. Yes, I hate it.

4. Tonight, I swear, I will be at this. Yes, I will be hobknobbin' it with Seth Green and the Robot Chicken crew while trying not to fall on my ass on skates. I doubt I'll be actually skating though. Hopefully I can take my video camera in. We'll see.

5. I swear by the power of Greyskull that I will be going to B-Fest 2010 in January. I swear.

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