Friday, August 14, 2009

This Is Me Getting Off My Ass and Doing Something!

Between last months "CHUCK NORRIS!!!!" posts and this months new feature "Double Feature" (I think I need a name change for that, I dunno) I been neglecting the site, yet again. I promise I'll fix this really soon. I went to my Netflix and saw that it finally started empting out after having it for 3 years. Usually I have about 120-160 films in my Queue but after all the Chuck Norris watching and double featuring watching it's down to a paisly 50. So I got a lot of crap I fill that back up with. And I made a list of at least 20 movies I wanna review for the rest of the year so yes, more new content will be coming forth from yours truly.

I'm also trying to get a Mass Invasion going but I think all the Mass Invaders lost intrest or something but we'll see. For now, thanks for your patience and I promise new cool stuff is on it's way.

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Reel Whore said...

I'm ashamed to even admit how many movies are in my NFQ. I keep saying one day I'll just power through a bunch for a few months, but it never happens.

At least this weekend I have Conan the Barbarian and Rocknrolla for this weekend. I can already feel the testosterone rising.