Monday, August 10, 2009


Trying to justify this post:
Seth Green was in Indianapolis. Seth Green, on top of being in some cool movies, made some bad movies like "Without A Paddle" and the upcoming "Old Dogs". I talk about bad movies and the people that star in them. There, done.

Saturday, the people behind the show Robot Chicken was here in Indianapolis to promote their latest DVD "Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 2". They were having it at a roller skating rink literally down the street from where I live. Seth Green and his friends was gonna be there, along with the band Gym Class Heroes.

If you bought the DVD, that meant you get in an hour early, which I did. I got in at 7, but Felicia got in at 6:30 cause she's on the roller derby team. So I get in and I see Seth Green skating around with all the derby chicks. You can see this in the first video. Much of the time was spent trying to get his autograph but he wouldn't stop near me right away. Finally, he did and I introduced myself and he said "SKATE!!" to my face and skated off. He came by again later, signed my DVD, then said "Dude, it's ok if you can't skate, just have fun, man!" then he skated off again. It was awesome.

Also in this video was me meeting Seth's friend and other producer on the show Matt Something. He was a cool guy, even if I can't remember his last name. That's him taking the camera from me and interviewing me, making me promise I'd skate, which I never did.

Also again, the guy on the segway is the lead singer of Gym Class Heroes. He didn't talk to me as you see but I shook his hand and he signed this chick's bag. I didn't have anything for him to sign though. I don't think I even know his name. It might be Pierre.

The second video is from the performance. Seth had to kill time while Gym Class Heroes got ready, so he asked these two guys to do a free style rap. I didn't tape the second guy but I wish I did cause it was pretty embarrassing. Finally, Gym Class Heroes took the stage.

It was a fun time and I'm glad I got to be part of it. Seth Green was super awesome and he talked to everybody and took pictures and stuff. And he wasn't surrounded by bodyguards or nothing. He was just a typical guy skating his ass off. Except he played Scotty Evil. And does the voice of Chris on "Family Guy".

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Reel Whore said...

That is very cool. We have a skating rink near my house, but I doubt we'll ever get anyone cool like Seth Green to come visit. IF we did, I'd be like you - go hang out, but avoid skating.

I had wanted to meet Seth Green at SDCC last year, but his Robot Chicken panel was slammed!