Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I Owe Star Wars Fans Everywhere An Apology

A year and a half ago, in a galaxy not that far, far away, I took on "The Star Wars Holiday Special". Back then I worried I would upset Star Wars fans, but I wasn't too worried cause I was taking on one of the few things most, if not all, Star Wars fans hated. But I knew there would be that one person that would say something. Now grated, what I'm about to post isn't hate mail or a "how dare you" kind of thing.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was toiling away at work, I recieved this email. This is the email in it's entirety. I will leave out the guys name and stuff cause while I am poking fun at him, I don't want him to be flamed or anything from all my rabid fans. All 2 of you.

"That RUG you're waiting for should be arriving soon. Some old lady made it herself by HAND. SOLO!"

Actually, he says “shaggy carpet”, not rug.

For the confused: In my review I was talking about how clever Art Carney was being when he was talking to Chewy's wife in front of some storm troopers or whatever about when Chewy will be arriving, and with Han Solo. Apparently, it's known in the Star Wars universe that Chewy is a shaggy carpet instead of a rug. Yeah, rug is another word for carpet and how dare I leave out one word out of the fine dialouge spoken by Art Carney. For this, I am ashamed and I apologize for my error. To any Star Wars fans out there that I offended by confusing these two words, I hope we can work things out and discuss this, while talking about Han and Greedo shooting each other or something.

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