Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Call of Action To MTV

So the other day I had this thought:

"I haven't done a 'Date My Mom' episode in awhile. I should do one soon, at least tie it in for Valentine's Day or something."

I go looking through the DVD I have of episodes and don't really find one I'd like to do. I mean they're all terrible but nothing over the top terrible like the first one I did (blew my load too early). Then I had a thought of MAYBE MTV will put the episodes out on DVD. It's doubtful but MTV nowadays is all about the money and I'm sure they'd put these horrible dating shows on DVD just to earn a buck.

Sadly, I couldn't find anything anywhere about a DVD release. So then I went to and thought I'd shoot someone over there an email about it. Maybe even be like "I DEMAND a DVD release of Date My Mom!" or something. After much searching, I found a soul-less contact form and figured hell with it.

And this is the exact letter I am sending:

Dear MTV:

This letter isn't about how much your channel currently sucks or complain about the lack of music and/or videos on your channel. I'm sure you hear that enough times, you probably get the point. Why you haven't done anything about this, is another issue.

I am writing to you today to ask, or beg, you to put "Date My Mom" on DVD. If there were any show that you have in your catalog (post-year 2000) that I'd love to have on DVD, it would be "Date My Mom". I mean you put "The Hills" out on DVD for crying out loud. "Date My Mom" is 2 million times better than "The Hills". Granted, both shows make me wanna punch everyone on screen, but at least I can laugh at the Mom's pimping out their daughters.

If you are wondering why I want this to happen, besides being a weirdo fan, I'll tell you. I run a b-movie site and one day while watching your show on TV I decided to do a review of one of your episodes. If you look back in your archives, it's the episode featuring Troy. He went on a date with giant man-woman Ida and her, um, "plump" daughter Alex.

At the end of this episode, the writers of this "reality show" thought it'd be funny to have Troy pick Ida and Alex. When Alex got out of the car, you played one of the funniest, and probably most offensive, song ever, something about "my butterball baby". The look on Troy's face was priceless.

Since reviewing that episode, people wanted more, so I did more. Before you ask or call your lawyers, I pay for my cable service and simply used a image grabber for any images. According to the Fair Use Law, this is perfectly legal, since I am criticizing a TV show and not saying anything like "I am Jason and I own this show" or nothing.

What I want is a DVD set of these shows to keep reviewing them because they are genuinely funny and my readers enjoy me talking about them. I will gladly pay whatever for a DVD set, even though looking at your online DVD store I see you charge $28.95 for "Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay" even though people can get that movie for five bucks at Target.

But I digress. This is what I would like. Even if the answer is no. I figured I'd at least give it a shot. It's not too much to ask I don't think. Hell, I know you'll be putting "Jersey Shore" out on DVD in the future, so why not "Date My Mom"? Hell put it in a box set with "Next" or that one show about celebrity stalkers trying to find a guy or girl that looks like their celebrity crush. I forget the name. I'll take anything at this point.

Thank you very much for reading my letter.
-Jason Soto

PS: You might think this letter is a joke but I am deadly serious. I seriously do want "Date My Mom" on DVD. I really do. Oh and the description to "Harold and Kumar Go To Guantanamo Bay" is wrong. You have the description to "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" up. Should probably change that.

So some things you probably noticed:
1. I didn't tell them the name of the site. I figured if they REALLY wanna know they can go to Google, but since they don't have email, they probably don't know how to Google. But also, even though I SHOULD be covered under Fair Use, I can see a giant mega corporation having some problem in a dumbass from Indiana taking images and putting it on their site. So hopefully no lawsuits will happen.
2. I didn't put in the site/blog email address. I gave them my personal email address. Just cause.
3. I am sorta making fun of them to their face, even though I am actually asking them for a favor. I figured I'd see if they have a sense of humor. I'm sure they do, since they have a show called "Silent Library" which is about people being tortured in a library.

If you want to send them a similar letter, feel free. I'm not making you. But maybe if more than one crazy person tells them they want this out on DVD, or at least have them send me the set, maybe we'll get somewhere. Until then...

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