Friday, January 15, 2010

The Bad Movie Ultimate Cage Match #6 Winner

Here's a play by play on how it went down all week.

Rock N Roll Frankenstein was in the lead by one
Ballistic was in the lead by one
Rock N Roll Frankenstein was winning
Ballistic had only a few votes
Ballistic was ahead by one

Then somewhere around Wednesday Ballistic JUMPED all friggin crazy. And now, for a fourth week in a row, Travis and Ballistic is the winner.

As a reminder, next week is Travis' last week to go, even if he wins. I got next week and the week after that planned out but I still need people to keep this going. Don't be the killer of this awesome new feature. Send one in today!


Wings said...

Interesting turn of events!

Nolahn said...

Wow. People either really, really hate "Ballistic" or really, really hate me.

A tip o' the cap to you, Travis. And no, you don't get to keep the "guy who watches movies no one else will" title.

TJMAC510 said...

Wow I was not expecting this win. I thought frankenstein was much worse but I guess my enyclopediacs banded together to make sure I won.

As for the title I think we both can have it. We have different taglines anyway. Hopefully we can still be comrades.