Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Lair of the Unwanted Episode 1

If you're reading this on the blog itself, you most likely noticed it by now. It's kinda hard not to see it. But I'll pretend you're all surprised!


The first episode is finally done after years (days) of working on it. Here's things you need to know before going into it:
1. The sound quality isn't that great. I realize that. The next one should be a bit better.
2. I talk way too much.
3. I forgot to include email addresses. Since everyone reading this are friends, you all know how to get ahold of me. But I will include our email's in the next one.
4. We are two awesome dudes.

With that said here's what Episode 1 has in store for you:
In the debut episode, hosts Jason Soto (Invasion of the B Movies) and Nolahn (Bargin Bin Reviews) talk a bit about themselves and their respective sites. Then a quick rundown of the AV Club's Top 15 Best Worst Movies of the Decade. And finally, the main event, Jason and Nolahn discuss their personal Top 5 Worst Movies of the "Oh's".

For those of you reading this through Facebook here's the link:

Anyway, input greases the wheels so tell us if we rock or if we suck! Thanks for listening!


TJMAC510 said...

Thought ur guys's podcast was great. Everybody's first time is hard but I feel that you guys can do real well with this podcast. Keep up the good work

Fletch said...

Dirt Baby - genius!

I'm already ready for the Nic Cage episode. :D

Tom Clift said...

I just got done listening! awesome job man, you two are really funny. Downloading episode 2 as I write this!

Gotta say though, you kind of made me want to watch Murder, Sex, Pieces =P