Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Jason Soto B-Fest-A-Thon '10 of Greatness

Ok that's probably not the title I'm gonna go with. Anyway.

Unless you ignore everything I say (about 75% of people), you might remember me saying the other day that while the real B-Fest is happening, I'm gonna have my own at home. Of course I didn't go more into detail about when I was starting and whatnot cause I didn't really know. Of course (again), I'm still not sure until tomorrow rolls around. Anyway, I can tell you this:

-I won't be blogging about every movie I watch, cause I'll be watching some movies I already reviewed. I will blog about ones I haven't reviewed, but just a quick word or two (Note: Quick word or two for me=1000 words or so)
-I will be utilizing Twitter and Facebook to post updates on what I am watching so if you aren't following me on Twitter or a Facebook Fiend, then what are you waiting for, an invitation? If so, there it is. You're welcome.
-I don't know how long exactly I'll be going. All night? Maybe. Is Felicia gonna go stay at her Mom's if I do? Probably.

I would make this interactive and have you guys pick at least ONE movie for me watch during said Home Fest '10 (That's a better name!) but it is a bit last hell let's do this!

Out of the following movies, whichever one gets the most votes I will watch as the last movie of the night tomorrow night. So what will it be?

Hudson Hawk
Meet The Feebles
Over The Top
University of Illionis vs A Mummy
Ghoulies/Ghoulies 2

A 12-hour poll? That's what she said!

Anyway, that's it. It should be a fun and/or weird day tomorrow. Drank! Mozeltov!


johns said...

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Wings said...

I pick Pervert, just cause it sounds so wrong.

Wings said...

And have a great B-Fest-A-Thon, Jason!