Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hell No I Won't Post!


This week, the LAMMY Winners are being announced and because the universe likes making me squirm (despite the medication) the category I'm nominated in normally gets unvieled the third to last day. Which means I have to wait another 4 days or so? So I'm not doing another post until I am declared winner!! Oh....ummm....I meant until SOMEONE is declared winner. Yeah.

Until then, I shall tell you about seeing "The Room" for the 6th time in my life. It was a midnight showing at the local art theater here in Indianapolis. Sadly, Tommy Wiseau wasn't present, otherwise I would've tried to get a better picture of him. But as my new tradition, the only time I'll watch this movie is if I can take someone who has never seen it before because I get a greater joy now from watching their first reactions to the film.

The person I took, who'll I'll just identify by first name Brenda, never seen it before. I've known Brenda for so long we met on Myspace. Yeah kids, THAT long ago! Anyway, Brenda is a friend of a friend and we became friends due to our love of shitty movies and being funny.

When it was revealed that she has never seen the movie, I knew I had to rectify this. Once I learned about the midnight screening, I more or less forced her to buy a ticket and come with. Ok, I didn't force, she was more than happy to go.

We get to the theater and the theater it's being shown in looks like your standard multiplex theater, so there's not a lot of seats, which compared to the first time I seen it in a theater is a bit dissapointing, but whatever. People showed up in Tux's, and they bought a football and threw it while standing 2 feet apart. We had spoons. It was magical.

And the movie starts. The instant Tommy Wiseau walks on screen, Brenda starts laughing and I don't think she ever stop. Especially when the slow jam came on and there was all kinds of sex going on, she was laughing. And she threw spoons. And just kept on laughing. I'm sure she's still sore to this day from all that laughing.

With the movie over, I have learned she is now a fan of "The Room" and I have convereted another person. It is awesome to be able to do that. Brenda also told me about a movie SHE loves a lot and thinks I should see. That will be coming later.

So the moral of the story is, I won't be doing any posts until I win Best Horror/Sci-Fi Lammy. I mean....when the winner of Best Horror/Sci-Fi is announced. In two weeks.

PS: I realize I could bribe and/or ask Rachel nicely to announce that category early, but I have more fun doing it this way.

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Dylan said...

I'm all for having my reading load lightened for a few days. Thanks, Jason!

Awesome job on the conversion. So, what's the movie she's getting you to watch?