Tuesday, June 21, 2011


If you seen my recent DVD collection video, you know a few things:

1. I have a lot of DVD's.
2. I have some in alphabetical order.
3. I have too much free times on my hands.

Lately, the alphabetical part of my collection has been bothering me and wanted to shake things up a bit by putting them in a different order. But how should I categorize them?

I could do by actors, but when I'm asked who my favorite actor/actress is I come up blank because I don't REALLY have a favorite per se. I think Adam Sandler is funny but is he my MOST favorite actor? Jason Statham is a British Bruce Willis, so they're pretty much the same guy. Which one of them would I choose? As for actresses, well, I find a lot of them hot. I mean really HOT, so picking a favorite female is a bit hard.

(Ooh giggity, see what I did there?)

There's director's, and I do have a lot of Tarantino, Kevin Smith, and Hitchcock films in my collection but that's about it. I mean did the guy who made "Bingo" do anything else? Probably not.

I guess that leaves genre. I've toyed with this. Now that I've been dubbed THE horror guy (you other horror guys kinda stand in my shadow mu hahahaha!)* (Why didn't I win funniest writer again?) I'm sure I have a shit ton of horror films, so my entire collection is going to be one sided.

Then you have the TV shows. Should those stay seperated or should I try to genre-fy them too? Can "Airplane" sit next to "Seinfeld Season 1"? Probably, but it'd be kinda weird.

So I got some thinking to do on this. Meanwhile, I'll ask you dear reader, how do you have your DVD collection organized?

*Note: I'm totally kidding about this, so don't send me any nasty emails or comments or whatever. We're all a family or something.


Jess said...

I once had my DVDs organized alphabetically. Then after I watched something it was easy to put back. However, if someone came to visit there seemed to be a rule where they'd instantly pick the movie I had JUST watched. So now I've been organizing them by just putting them in a line after I watch them. Then I know which ones I haven't seen recently, and can grab the last 10 and hide them when people come to visit so I don't have to rewatch something the same week. I hope that helps. =)

Michael Van Zandt said...

My two year old has a rather cavalier approach toward our dvd collection. It mostly involves pulling a hundred or so down, mixing all the kid's dvd's in, then shoving them in any available nook or cranny. I just found Death Race 2000 and Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas in her toy refridgerator. I just watch whatever I find - takes the pain of choosing out.

Dylan said...

"Why didn't I win funniest writer again?"

Can't win if you're not nominated, fool! Suck on them lemons, Mr. Serious! :D

Go here - http://www.thefilmcynics.com/blog/?p=5776 Read the post, watch the video, read the comments. Loads of suggestions there.

And my answer is a simple one. I don't like to spend hours arranging or rearranging DVDs, so I keeps 'em alphabetically (TV shows and box sets separate).

Nick said...

Don't forget I had an entire podcast episode dedicated to the matter!

Jason Soto said...

Jess: That's a neat idea. I couldn't do that cause hardly anyone comes over to my house. And when they do, it's to watch a specific movie (The Room, Human Centipede). But yeah, good idea.

Michael: I don't have kids yet. When I do, I'll probably be locking them away in some iron trunk in a crawlspace...next to the porn.

Dylan: Ha ha ha you funny, Mark. And that's how I have my DVD's set up currently.

Nick: I remember that episode but don't remember what you said. From the looks of it on your vlogs, it looks like you have them in some random order.

Nick said...

They're actually in alphabetical...