Friday, June 22, 2012

Four On The Floor, Baby!

After what feels like the longest LAMMY awards presentation ever, the Best Horror/Sci-Fi winner was announced yesterday. You gotta see this video:

So yes! For the fourth year in a row I won Best Horror/Sci-Fi blog! I am pretty excited that for four years now, people seem to like what I do here.

I never know who to thank because I'm never sure who voted for me. So if you are a LAMB and you voted for me...THANKS!

Now there's still one more award that I was nominated in that needs to be presented. That'll be revealed in August sometime, so look forward to that.

(Just kidding, Joel.)

EDIT TO ADD: I'd like to thank Mr. Anonymous below for bringing to my attention that I forgot to thank 365 Horror Movie, Flights Tights and Movie Nights, Old Horror Movies, The Lighting Bugs Lair, Silver Emulsion, and Goregirl's Dungeon, my fellow nominees. They do a wonderful job and really, watching a shit ton of horror movies isn't easy so lets give it up to them.

I guess I have no way to prove that I MEANT to thank them originally but I honestly did. I'm having major back pains, so it's sort of messing with my mind and it slipped my mind. But seriously, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Such a gent to acknowledge his competitors. Mediocrity rises to the top again, congrats.

Jason Soto said...

Well thank you very much, asshole who need to hide his identity. I have a strong feeling on who this is, but it's only a feeling. But anyway, thank you for bringing that to my attention. Sucks that you couldn't have done this in a nicer fashion, but whatever, dude.

Brittani Burnham said...

Don't worry, Jason, you definitely deserved this award in my opinion. Congratulations!

Jason Soto said...

Thank you very much, Brittani! :)

See, I can be nice to people who are nice to me.

Will said...

Congrats on the win, and inspiring an anonymous insult comment! I knew you'd win all along, but watch out next year!

Jason Soto said...

Thank you, Will! And yes, we'll see about next year. MU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :D

Stevee Taylor said...

Anonymous people need to go and suck twenty lemons. At once. They're so cowardly.

Anyway, congrats Jason! Nice to see my vote counted!

Jason Soto said...

Yes Stevee, they can go fuck themselves. That's what you meant, right? :)

And thanks for the vote!

Dave Enkosky said...

Congratulations! Well earned.