Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Soto List: 1980 Edition

Today is my motherfucking birthday!! So to celebrate, I thought I'd go to wikipedia and look up all the movies that came out the year of my birth and compile a list of my favorites! That should be easy, right?

Airplane! and The Blues Brothers-1980 was a good year for comedy it seems.

Cannibal Holocaust-I feel weird putting this on a list of "favorites" but it's an interesting watch and I think it needs to be seen at least once just purely for the history of the film.

The Changeling-Great atmospheric film with George C. Scott. You will need patience with it though.

The Fog-I've only seen this once, after not sleeping for 18 hours and through a hangover, and I liked it. I will have to watch it again with a clear head.

Friday the 13th-Duh.

The Pumaman-Yes! This movie is so awful that it's hilarious. Best MST3K episode in my opinion.

The Shining-This movie seems older than 1980, but that's probably cause they spent 20 years filming the damn thing. OH! Speaking of...

Empire Strikes Back-How awesome for the world that not only was I born but this movie came out the same year? Crazy, huh?

Stir Crazy-Often under looked comedic gem from Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. NOW!

Superman 2-Easily the best Superman movie ever! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

Used Cars-Another underrated comedy starring Kurt Russell as a used car salesman. There's a crazy plot which is hard to describe, just do yourself a favor and check it out.

Finally, just for shits and gigs, here's a group of people the same age as me:

Zooey Deschanel
Christina Ricci
Kristen Bell
Macaulay Culkin
Michelle Williams
Jake Gyllenhaal
Anna Chlumsky

And finally...Ryan Gosling.

Hey girl...


Dave Enkosky said...

Cool, 1980 was my birth year as well. Some great movies came out that year.

The Movie Waffler said...

I added this to the "Year I Made Contact" blogathon. You can see the rest at http://moviewaffle.blogspot.ie/p/year-i-made-contact.html

Mettel Ray said...

Hihi. Ricci was born on the same DAY as me.

Murtaza Ali said...

Nice post! I must say that 1980 is a really cool year to be born in :-)