Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old School Summer: Bloody Murder 2

Status: Own

And so they made a sequel. After the first movie ended and I glanced down at the DVD case I have and saw there was a sequel on the same disc, I sighed heavy hearted because I knew I had to watch it. I cannot OWN the sequel and not watch it, wondering if it's somehow any worse than the first film or maybe, in some dim ray of light, it's actually better. Let's see...

This movie centers on Tracy, who is related to Jason from the first film. She's his sister but it's never said if she's older or younger. I'm gonna assume younger, but whatever. We find out that Jason's body was never recovered and it's now five years later. We're back at the same camp and this time, camp season is over and it's time to pack up the camp for the season! That's an interesting twist.

There's the usual gang of misfits that include Ryan the asshole, Angela the slutty chick fucking Ryan, Elvis the random black dude, Sophie the quiet one, Mike the guy dating Tracy, and James, the drifter who showed up to help out for a day or two. This time, the camp is run by Rick and he's bland as all hell.

James' first night, they all drink around the camp fire and decide to play "Bloody Murder", which to remind you is just hide-and-seek, but it's gonna end on a prank. Ryan tells the story about Trevor Moorehouse but James decides to be a showoff and tell him Trevor is just a legend like ALL legends, so they make him "It". If I was James, I would've let them all hide and then I would've went back to my cabin and fall asleep. But that's just me.

James looks for a few moments when "Trevor" shows up, but of course it's just Mike playing a prank. James gets pissed off, Tracy is turned off, and Mike suffers from blue balls the rest of the night. Everyone goes back to their cabins but James, who of course runs into the "real" "Trevor". "Naturally". And holy fuck, this movie got gory cause "Trevor" cuts off BOTH of James' legs, before bashing his head in with a rock. WOW, this is ALREADY better than the first movie!

The next day, Rick tells the gang James has left and Rick just stands there, being boring as fuck. Ryan and Angela goes into the showers to fuck and HOLY SHIT THERE'S NUDITY IN THIS MOVIE!!! This is TWENTY times better than the first movie! Way to go, movie! Oh, but the movie does something cute: they use pagers in the movie! I know! And this movie was made in 2002!Well...I guess pagers were still on their way out, but still! PAGERS! Anyway, Ryan gets a page from Rick so Ryan leaves Angela naked, lying on the floor, er, in the shower

Ryan goes to the meeting spot and is killed instantly and soon buried by Trevor. Wow, that's nice of him. And of course Rick says he heard from Ryan saying that he was leaving too. Angela is upset cause Ryan didn't say goodbye, and Mike is upset cause Tracy won't give him any, so naturally these two meet and start fucking, where we see Angela's tits AGAIN! Wow, they really wanted to make up for lost time, huh?

I thought they both were gonna get killed while fucking, but no such luck. Mike loses his clothes somehow (REMEMBER THIS) and Angela discovers Ryan's dead body. So naturally the cops are called and they think someone in the remaining group did it, so they have to stay at the camp. There's a meta moment where Elvis says that only girls who show their tits get killed, while all black dudes get killed cause they're black, and turns out he's right cause Elvis is killed in the shower and later Angela is killed. If it makes you feel better, Angela wore obnoxious shirts like "I HEART ME" and "HOTTIE" in glitter, so don't feel too sad.

Tracy remembers something Elvis said about hiding a video camera and she finds it and it shows Mike walking into the cabin and coming out dressed as Trevor. The tape is turned over to the cops and Mike is arrested. Of course, it isn't Mike. The real killer just stole his clothes, remember? Tracy then thinks it's Rick cause Rick deleted all his pager messages so while finding out, Rick chases Tracy around the camp saying "Let's just talk" in the most boring way possible. Soon, the sheriff shows up and kills Rick.

But it isn't Rick. So who the fuck is it? There's nobody else left! Well....if you care....SPOILER ALERT

It's the sheriff! Why? Turns out he's Trevor Moorehouse' father! And he was the guy we saw at the end of the first movie dressed like Trevor! And he killed Jason! And he's doing this to get back at everyone....even though this group of people had nothing to do with Trevor...I dunno it makes no fucking sense! So the sheriff is chasing Tracy and Sophie around and really it's up to Sophie on what she should do, like she has a CHOICE! (BOOM! Sorry, it's THAT kind of movie...)

Anyway, before the sheriff can kill Tracy, the REAL Trevor Moorehouse shows up, kills his dad, and leaves Tracy alone. Why? What was he doing this entire time? We don't know. We just know Tracy and Sophie survive and the movie ends.

Ok, so now that I've seen both of these movies let's figure this shit out. According the "legend", Trevor Moorehouse went to camp there, was teased badly, then had a bad prank on him which scarred his face so he went to a hospital and either was released or escaped and...that's it. He was just chillin' for a whole bunch of years NOT doing anything. I hate to say this but...that's different! Cause really it's all the camp people who are the monsters by dressing up like him and either pretending to kill or actually kill people. Trevor just keeps to himself! I gotta applaud that!

But still, avoid these movies at all costs. It's really not worth the time or effort to track these movies down. Both are bland mediocre slasher films that are more like stylized mysteries than slasher flicks. The second film is more entertaining with the story, the violence, and finally some nudity but overall, both movies suck ass.

AND THANKFULLY there is no Part 3.



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