Friday, June 22, 2012

Mysterious Box of Mystery Contest Post #2

I have gotten a better Mysterious Box of Mystery for all the mysterious items I plan on sending to whoever wins this contest. Now, don't get all excited and think the box will be filled to the top with goodies, but I wanted to send a better box through the mail. FYI, I have now received nine guesses so far but since this is an awesome contest I'm running here, I want MORE MORE MORE!

But here's some stats you should keep in mind.

1. I am including the Blu-Rays I've recently bought, so if you watched the last episode "Jason's Awesome DVD Shelf" you know how many Blu-Rays I own caused I showed them all to you.
2. I do have DVD's enroute to my house right now but I am NOT including those, even if they show up tomorrow. I am only counting the ones I owned the day I started this contest.
3. I am NOT including TV show box sets cause that gets a little muddled on what counts and what doesn't so just to make it easy on everyone (including myself) I'm taking those out of the equation. I am only talking about MOVIES on DVD

To make sure of the number, I just finished doing a recount and...fuck I got a lot. Out of nine guesses, only two people so far are close. No, I won't say who. And sorry, no re-guesses. This is to prevent people from leaving me 200 comments, each one saying "200!" "201!" "202!" and so on...that'd get a bit annoying.

Anyway, that's it. Now if you excuse me, I have a speech to prepare...

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Wavy said...

Blu-rays aren't dvds!!! Oh well, I don't want to change my guess anyway!