Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Poll Results And Mysterious Box of Mystery!

So I learned a lesson recently. Never put a poll on your website the night of your birthday, after you had some drinks, and you just came from a dance party, because you're gonna fuck it up. I asked you awesome people if you come here for the horror or because I'm funny. I also meant to put in an option stating "I love both horror movies AND you make me laugh" but again: birthday, drunk, dance. So I forgot. Thank god for comments though, so what I learned was you people LOVE the horror AND cause I make you laugh. Aw, shucks! Now let's see if you give me the LAMMY to prove it!

With that said and done, it's time for a fun contest thing! Yay!!

The prize: this wonderful mysterious box of mystery that Cokie is proudly displaying below!

What's in the box? Well, it's called a mysterious box of mystery for a reason, and not because Sarah McLaughlin built it. It's because the contents will be a secret! Yes, you WILL NOT know what's inside the box at any given time. So, how do you win this awesome wonderful mysterious box of mystery?

It's really just down to how good of a guesser you are. As you undoubtedly noticed, I have a pretty good sized DVD collection. Not the biggest by any means (that either goes to my friend Adam, or the guys at Cinemassacre.com) But I just want you guys to guess how many DVD's (not VHS, just the DVDs) I own. The CLOSEST WITHOUT GOING OVER (that's right, The Price is Right rules, bitch!) will win the prize!! For example (and please don't use this has a guess or I will kill you) if I own 3000 DVD's and one person guesses 2999 and someone guesses 3001, I will give it to the person who guesses 2999. Got it? Cool.

Leave your guesses in the comments OR email them to me at invasionofthebmovies(@)gmail.com. You only get to guess one time so really think about it, and sorry Joel, Simon, Tom and any other Non-USA people, this only applies to people in States. Shipping out of the country costs too fucking much. Unless you're willing to come to my house to pick it up.

The contest will end next Monday at 11:59PM EST. I will email the winner that they won and do an announcement on Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and whoever wins, MUST either take pictures of what's in the box OR video, so everybody can see what they won. Plus I love seeing pics or videos of things I give to people.

Got it? Cool! Now...get to guessing!

PS: I promise you, there will be stuff inside the box, it won't just be an empty box. I'm not THAT cruel. And no, it's not work shoes.


Matt-suzaka said...

I'm gonna take a guess and go with... 1,598 DVDs! Is that right?! I need to know! :)

Kaiderman said...


Wavy said...


Adam said...

I'll go lower and guess 199 DVDs.

Nick said...


Dylan said...



Reel Whore said...

What was the last bid Drew? Oh, ok 667!

I'm kidding! My actual I'm-winning-that-damned-Mysterious-Box-of-Mystery guess is 582.

PS - Even if that's not the winning bid, just lie and I'll promise to take a really cool photo with the box contents. :-)

Branden Chowen said...

Alright, let me take a shot at this.

My guess is 305 DVDs.

Here's hoping!

Unknown said...

Having over 11,000 comic books I know how easy it is to end up owning a lot of something you enjoy so I am going to guess 2500.

Pretty Clever Film Gal said...

I'm gonna go with 1199.

Shep. Burman said...