Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 30: 30 Days of Night

Well, here we are. Day 30. I missed a total of 3 days, two cause of emergencies and one cause I'm a lazy mofo. Did I get everything accomplished? Kinda. I'm still short three "Supernatural" episodes and I didn't do my "24 hours of Horror" that I wanted to do. But this probably won't be the last time I'll do this. And next time, as I learned, I should maybe get some outside help, so I don't burn myself out like that. Why that didn't occur to me, I don't know.

Anyway. "30 Days of Night". Stars Josh Hartnett, who is totally out of his element here. He plays a sheriff in a small Alaskian town and he just doesn't look too authoritive to me. He's more like a deputy maybe. Or the sheriff's brother. But not the sheriff.

The basic gist of this movie is vampires run amok in a town that has nothing but darkness for 30 days straight. On top of that, they make sure their "food" (AKA people) don't go anywhere by buring their cellphones, killin sled dogs, trashing helicopters, and closing airports early. Once night finally sets, the vampires attack and either the townspeople are lunch or are turned into vampires. So it's up to Josh, his retarded brother, his estranged wife, and some other people we shouldn't care about cause they're not the stars, to survive until the sun comes up on the 30th day.

Umm...I gotta be careful how I say this next part. Ok. I think I need to see this again, but "on a different type of DVD". Cause "the angles were slanted" and I didn't notice until "DAY 18" that days were in fact flying by. I thought everything that was happening thus far was all in the same day.

With that said, I feel I can't truly judge this movie. As of right now I think it sucked. The ending was really depressing and if you think about it, the vampires kinda won. I do have this horrible feeling there's gonna be a sequel though.

Throughout the "set up", if you will, I had a feeling every little thing that was shown to us was gonna be important. Josh having asthma (tho, it wasn't as stupid as in "Signs"), some piece of equipment in some building that I couldn't make out that could tear off your arm in .00001 seconds, and the little brother being retarded.

And I'm gonna kinda ruin the ending cause it bugged me. So Josh's estranged wife is trapped under a truck and the vampires are surrounding her. On top of that, they lit the town on fire. Josh realizes there's no way to save her so...I swear to God...he purposely transforms into a vampire.

I have issues with this. Let's make a list shall we?

-All up until now, when a person gets transformed, the transformation takes anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes. Josh, he doesn't transform at all, yet he's still a vampire cause he can smell blood and burns up when the sun comes up.
-After transforming into a vampire, he goes up to the group of vampires and they're about to attack him anyway. So he kicks the leader's ass in a fight scene that goes on a bit too long, until Josh does something (yet again "weird angle"coughcough) and the head vampire dies. The other vampires are like "Eh, whatever" and just walk away. Um...why did Josh need to be a vampire to do this? If all he was gonna do was punch the shit out of them? Pointless.
-The way he was transformed. He recently killed his friend who was transforming. So he grabbed a hypodermic needle, pulled some of his dead vampire friend's blood, and injected himself with that. This turned him into a vampire. Then again, if he pulled it out of a half human half vampire, maybe that's how he didn't transform? But wouldn't he be like "Blade"? Shit, this movie makes no god damn sense.

Anyway, like I said, I SHOULD see it again "differently" (Do you get what I'm trying to say?), but I wasn't too impressed, which sucks cause the idea is pretty cool. Maybe if it didn't start stupid Josh Hartnet. You know who we needed? Mothafuckin' Bruce Campbell! Fuck yeah!!

I could end it here, but I'm determined to finish off "Supernatural". So after that, I'm done.

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