Saturday, November 07, 2009

Apparently Friday is Forgetful Friday

Blah, it's been one of them weeks and I kinda forgot about coming up with a feature for Friday to try out. Judging by the responses of the other posts I think I found a few that would work anyway so maybe it's all for the best that I didn't come up with anything for today.

I figured I'd mention a few things here since I have this big ol' box to fill (that what HE said):

1. I'm a bit over 2000 words in my NaNoWriMo novel but I saw Wings is almost at 8000. Jesus, somebody's a writing machine. Anyway, I plan on giving you guys a preview of a chapter soon because I think it's a doozy of a novel. I'm kinda keeping what it's about a secret but I can release the title. It is called: "The Horrible Tragic Life of Dr. Feet (A Invasion of the B Movies Novel)". I'll let you come to your own conclusions on what it's about before I show you a chapter.

2. Part of the Scavanger Hunt items I listed was so many point awarded to whoever was first in created a Wikipedia page on Invasion of the B-Movies. Good friend Rachael M. went and did just that. Yeah, it's not a huge entry but hey it's an entry nonetheless and I love it. I'll be posting who got how many points on Sunday. If you wanna join in on the Scavanger Hunt, it's not too late. Just send me an email (invasionofthebmovies at gmail dot com) saying "I Wanna Join The Hunt!!"

3. Last week I recorded an episode of The LAMBcast with Fletch and Tom Clift and I think it was awesome. But since Fletch is too busy handling Nicolas Cage's fiances, he hasn't been able to post the episode yet. I will make a post when it is available.

4. I got a fun thing planned for Christmas...if I can get the movies. I hate when crap gets out of print.

5. A bit of a rant. Why are all Disney movies so fucking expensive to buy on DVD? The other day I was thinking about how awesome "Monsters Inc." was and wanted to buy it. That came out, what, 2001? 2002? It should be at least 10 bucks by now. I go into the store and it's damn near 20 bucks! And I look at all the other Disney movies...they're all 20 bucks too! I'm like "The fuck?" I can see all the newer ones maybe being that price but Monster's Inc.? Fucking even Pete's Dragon, which came out not too long after Walt Disney himself was frozen, was 20 bucks. Jesus, Disney, lay the fuck off, ok?
And speaking of Disney, I'm glad there's gonna be a Toy Story 3 but think about all the kids that are out there right now. They all watch and listen to Zach Effron and Miley Cyrus. So when they go to see Toy Story 3 they're gonna be like "Why isn't Hannah Montana not voicing this Woody character? Where's Troy?!?!" And not know who Tim Allen or Tom Hanks is. So let's be honest here, Toy Story 3 is for the adults who loved Toy Story 1 and 2. They might as well have made this a hardcore porn version.

6. You know, a good theme for Friday could be personal gripes and updates on stuff in my life. Yeah! And like B-movie news or something. Invasion of the B-Movies News Update Channel 6! This just in: Michael Bay still sucks! Film at 11! There's ya fuckin' theme for today!

I swear I'm ok.

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