Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Feature Beta Testing Week: Movies I Like Tuesday

I normally make this a feature every now and then but I'd thought I'd see if I can make it a weekly thing. I normally talk about bad movies and it's effects on me but I thought let's take a look at a actual good movie and see how it effects me. For tonight's beta testing, let's take a look at Bubba Ho-Tep.

Way back in 2003 I heard about this little movie starring Bruce Campbell as a guy who may or may not be Elvis in an old folks home fighting a mummy. In other words: I had to see this fucking thing. I just bought it cause how could it not be awesome and I was not dissapointed.

The story is set almost entirely in a retirement home in Texas. A man who claims to be Elvis Presley resides there. Elvis says that one day back in 1977 he switch places with an impersonator because he was tired of the famous life. So it was the impersonator who died that fateful night in August. Of course no one believes him and he ended up in the home because he fell into a coma after breaking his hip.

Now at the home, a lot of residents are dying, which isn't really news but it's the way they are dying. Like their souls are being sucked out. Elvis teams up with this black dude who claims to be John F. Kennedy (Ozzie Davis) after a government conspiracy put his mind in the body of a black guy. Unfortuately, only JFK here believes Elvis that something is up.

Slowly, more crazy things happen like a weird ancient bug flies into Elvis' room and JFK finds dirty heirogylphics written in the bathroom walls. After investigating, they realize the perpertrator is a cursed mummy who, while being transported to another museum, crashed nearby. Now this "Bubba Ho-tep" is awake and hungry for human souls.

I'll stop there cause the final showdown is great. I highly recommend this movie, despite how weird it sounds. Bruce Campbell is great as Elvis and if you get this on DVD, listen to the commentary track by the King himself.

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