Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Great Invasion of the B Movies Scavanger Hunt!

It's here, it's here, it's here!! Woo!! (I'm so hungover right now that I typed in Woow. I almost kept it.)

Anyway, it's here. If you didn't read the previous post about this here's what's going on and the rules and stuff:
1. If you wish to participate, email me saying "I want to participate". By simply doing this, you automatically get 50 points towards your score. So see, you get points from the start.
2. There's a list of 30 things. I seperated it into two parts. Part 1 are questions that need to be answered. The second part are the tasks that require you to do stuff. I tried to be as clear as possible but if you are confused about something, feel free to email me.
3. The hunt will last the entire month of November. So you have until December 1st to turn in your stuff. During the month, you can slowly send me whatever things you need to send. Just have it all done by 12/1/09.
4. As I also mentioned, there is a real prize here. The person with the most points on December 1st will win a $25 Visa gift card, good anywhere Visa is accepted. If there is a tie, I will split it and hand out two $15 dollar gift cards if possible.
5. Each Sunday during November I will make a post updating who has how many points so you can see how you are doing and if you need to catch up or not.
6. There are a total of 6,709 points on the hunt. (My math might be inaccurate, so if anyone thinks that's wrong, let me know.) If somehow anyone is able to get every single possible point on the hunt, I will give you a $50 dollar gift card.
7. A few things require you to have a camera or video camera. If you don't have neither, let me know and I'll come up with a non-picture/video related task.
8. Have fun!

So that's it. Email me for the list if you wanna join. You can join in anytime during the month, but you'll really have to work hard to catch up. Good luck!

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