Monday, November 16, 2009

Overthinking Question Monday #2

Today's Overthinking Question is in regard to "The Neverending Story".

So you know that scene where what's-his-name the hero in the story is riding his horse Atryxo or whatever through this quicksand type stuff and they start sinking? And it's revealed that they're sinking because they're thinking sad thoughts. So the kid made it ok but the horse didn't?

Well this is a two-fer-one:
1. What the fuck kind of sad thoughts is a horse gonna think? Either a horse is depressed all the time or it don't mind being rode around on.
2. If thinking sad thoughts make you sink deeper into the sand, when the horse died, why didn't the kid just plummet straight through? I mean, he was the horse was tight, ya know? So I'm sure the kid was thinking all kinds of sad shit when the horse died.

As you can tell it's been awhile since I seen it but that's always bothered me.


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