Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Fifth Kind: Talking About Seeing A Movie

Hello, I am actor Brad Pitt. I play Mr. Jason Soto in this retelling of this shocking story of a man going to see the movie "The Fourth Kind." Using real documented footage and eyewitness reports, we know that Mr. Soto did indeed see this movie. What you are about to see is shocking.

Sunday November 8th, 2009

I went and saw the movie "The Fourth Kind". I normally-

-don't review movies I've seen in theaters on this site. And I'm not stating that is a bad movie. It just left an impact on me and I felt the need to blog about it. Shirtless. Isn't that right, [name omitted]?

Uh huh.

So I sat down and watched this movie and at first I thought it was all a gimmick, just like "Paranormal Activity". In fact, the trailer for this movie was shown before "P.A" so I figured this was as well. The entire movie-

-switches back and forth between actors and the real people. It tends to get tiresome after awhile. Especially when they do the-

-split screens showing the actor AND real person talking. And this goes on for awhile.

Eventually the scary stuff happens and my lovely fiance [name omitted] continued to jump into my lap. Isn't that right?

Uh huh.

And another thing I noticed is that it seems like anyone that was remotely mean or didn't believe the main chick, named Abigail, is protrayed as a jerk. The two main characters that got this treatment was her son and the town's sherriff. Everyone else, including Casey Jones, is super nice to Abigail, only because they personally go through the-

-same experiences as Abigail. Any event, it's an ok movie. I'm guessing everything we did witness was real, which makes one certain scene in the movie extremely fucked up. I was a bit pissed off at the sherriff cause he wasn't believing Abigail despite the fact one of his OWN deputies saw the crap go down. And just to warn you-

-the movie has a bummer of an ending. So don't go in expecting some kind of feel-good ending. And it's not really a horror movie, even though fucked up things happen. So horror fans, avoid lest ye be dissapointed. Anyway, I have been Jason Soto, reporting on the movie "The Fourth Kind."

Everyone needs to know what kind of movie they are getting themselves into. Learn from me! LEARN FROM ME!!

  • Mr. Jason Soto soon retired...for the evening to go watch some TV.
  • Mr. Soto's Fiance [name omitted] also bed to take a quick nap.
-Brad Pitt


Anonymous said...

That was pretty darn funny!

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie, and believe me, it's good. And the mixing of both the original and the acted movie is great ! Of course, if you don't like sci-fi's and movies of the sort, you might not enjoy it, like everything else. I am older, and I am very hard to please. I can definetely say, this one is good.