Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why I'm Gonna Stop Picking on "Glee"

I did a review/recap of sorts of the second episode of "Glee" and it seems like people liked it. There was even a demand to do it again. But after much thinking I decided to stop my quest to end the horror that is "Glee". And here's why in three words:

Fox Hates Success

Here's a quiz for you, what do the following shows, besides being on Fox, have in common:
Arrested Development
(Recently) Dollhouse
Family Guy

Yep, all shows that have rabid fans, did well among those fans, and despite all signs pointing to "Keep show on, channel will be successful", they cancelled those shows. Yeah, they bought Family Guy back but I think a blowjob was involved in that.

So going by Fox's track record, "Glee" will be cancelled, probably soon. I'll give it, oh...another season. Maybe two.

Although, I do regret not covering the following things that apparently happened on the show:
Dude singing the FUCKIN "Thong Song". Yes, that fuckin' happened. On a show that EVERYBODY watches. Watch this and just try not to stab your eyes out:

And there was another episode where they talked about the Wheelchair kid's weiner. And no, I'm not looking for video for that. You're on your own.

So yeah, this is the last I'm gonna talk about "Glee", at least until they do a muscial number based on "Back Dat Ass Up".

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