Friday, April 17, 2009

Some News, The Rest of 30 Days of Horror, and The Fight For #1: Week 15

First the good news.

My friend Bill got a book of poetry published and he told me the process was kinda easy so I figured I'd give it a shot. But I needed a book idea first. So I asked around and I was given a neat idea. Armed with that idea, I sent in the idea to the publisher and this morning I heard back.

They like the idea and want to read my manuscript. That I haven't written yet.

So what does this mean? I probably will have to stop doing 30 Days of Horror here and spend any time I have getting this book written. I will probably have to watch some horror movies, along with other types of genres, for the book so if I do, I will make a note of it here on the blog. In the meantime, if anybody reading this wants to do a review for a movie I was planning on reviewing (list here) and you wanna send it in or have me link to it, that'd be awesome. Totally up to you.

But I'm not too busy to keep doing Fight For #1. I missed last week cause I was out of town, but now we're back. Let's see while I was away...Hannah Montana became the number 1 movie??? ARRGH!!

Well, this weekend we got Crank 2 and some Zac Efron movie. I'm gonna have to go with Crank 2. Anyway, here's what it looked like two weeks ago:

Thanks! Sorry! Wish me luck!

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Fletch said...

I too will go with Crank 2.

Congrats on the book idea...that isn't a book yet. You should be the guy that pitches ideas for movies, too - you could get producer credits galore!

And hey btw...I can send you an updated LAMB scroll box code if you like...