Friday, August 15, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Blog-A-Thon #5: Crank

(Side note: Five For Friday is taking a week off. It shall return next Friday.)

Pretty much any film where Jason Statham is the lead can be considered a Guilty Pleasure, but I think "Crank" is probably his least popular film, which is surprising cause it's very slick looking film. Describing the entire thing is a bit hard to do. A lot of the imagry looks almost video game like, but there's weird images and scenes being played in the background, so it's like "Natural Born Killers: The Video Game" or something.

Jason Statham plays Chev, a hitman who wakes up finding himself poisoned. The poison is some special stuff that attacks the adgrenal gland, making his body slowly shut down. The only way to stay alive is to keep his adrenaline going so he has to do everything possible to keep it going.

So he starts taking cocaine, and drinking Red Bull by the gallons, and his doctor (Played by Dwight Yoakam...seriously) tells him to get some epinephrine, which he practically overdoses on.

So Chev is running around L.A like a maniac keeping his adrenaline pumping and pretty much just causing chaos. On top of this, he wants revenge on the guys that did this to him, so he's going around killing them one by one while they kill some of his posse (including a gay Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite").

He meets up with his girlfriend, played by Amy Smart (What's happened to her lately?) and decides to fuck her in public to get his blood pumping. But unforuntuately there's no anti-dote so he just has to face facts and just die somewhere.

But this is Jason Fucking Statham we're talking about here! He just doesn't curl up and die! Nuh-uh! He's taking some motherfuckers with him! And take some motherfuckers with him he does. The ending leaves things a bit ambigous, but not so much anymore cause there is a sequel in the works, which should be interesting.

This is seriously one crazy ass movie and I totally love it. Any action movie that's just totally in your face is personally a favorite of mine. It's really a shame this movie isn't as popular as the "Transporter" series, which could be considered guilty pleasures on their own. "Crank" has gratutious nudity, violence, and all together wackyness, which is why it's my number five guilty pleasure.

Guilty Pleasure That I Reviewed:

Mass Invader Bobbie lists off her ten favorite guilty pleasures:
Masque of the Red Death (Vincent is so delightfully evil in that!)
the Dr. Phibes movies (two)
Who's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?
I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
The Tingler
and last but not least...Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Most likely these movies are all on her website, which I helped design.

Colleen over at posted her ten guilty pleasures. She's got a neat site, all of her reviews are done in haiku form, which isn't easy to say the least.

I'll just say this right now. Tomorrow's film is gonna be another super crazy mindless action flick. Can you guess which one?

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Karl Hungus said...

You should never feel guilty about watching this film. It's pure awesome.