Friday, August 01, 2008

Five For Friday: August 1st, 2008

OOoooo...I'm typing this...with my mind!! Cause I'm not home right now! Isn't that weird? Yep, I'm presently on my way to Indianapolis as this gets posted so I can rock out to the sweet sounds of Radiohead in concert. Fa-sho I'll have stories or whatever when I get back. Until then, here's your Five!

1. Inside "Inside"-
Earlier this week I watched the French horror film "Inside". Quick plot summary with hopefully no spoilers.
Sarah is a photographer who's pregnant. She got in a car accident which killed her husband/baby daddy. Four months later, she's about to pop any minute now. While at home, waiting it out by herself cause she's all emo now, a weird mysterious woman shows up and demands to be let in. 5-0 is called but they see nothing. After popping some (safe) sleeping pills, Sarah falls asleep and weirdo lady breaks in. From that point on, it's literally one fucked up moment to the next.
I'm gonna stop there cause you should see it at least once. Unless you can't handle a lot of stabbing and blood and just overall crazy fucked up shit happening to a pregnant lady. From the instant Sarah wakes up till the end, it's all in real time (from what I recall). Basically, if you've seen "High Tension" you kinda know what to expect (without the twist ending...well there was KIND of a twist to "Inside" but overall not really).
But if you like/love cats, avoid this movie at all costs.

2. Jason Is Completely Out of The Loop: Part 3-
After discovering what "Dexter" and "The Watchmen" is, I just learned there's a popular book series about vampires, the first one being "Twilight". Apparently a movie is being made of this:

The movie looks "meh" but apparently there's a huge nerd following to this series, so I'm sure they're all excited. Me? Give me Harry Potter.
The only reason I'm mentioning this is in my paper on Thursday there was a mention about all of this and they had a picture of the chick that wrote the series and all I can say is Yamina-yamina-yamina:

Although, she looks like a vampire herself. Hmm...either way I'd like to stab her with my wooden stake. HI-OH!!!

3. I Find You Guilty!-
Coming up in about two weeks, I'm gonna devote ten days talking about my guilty pleasure films and talk about each film individually on each day. Also in that ten days, I'm gonna post lists my friends/mass invaders made up, ON TOP OF links to other people's blogs (Still down with OPB?) from my fellow LAMB's to their blog posts about their guilty pleasures. All of that is gonna start on Monday, August 11th, which is going to come right after...

4. The Three Year Anniversary Special!-
Yes! Starting today, and going all the way till August 10th, I will be celebrating the site's three year anniversary. I'll make number 5 the story on all the dates involved in creating the site three years ago so it makes sense. In case you didn't see the post earlier, I'm running a contest and I hope lots of people enter. I don't see why not, it's easy as pie. Pie's kinda hard to make. It's Sunday morning? Whatever, it's easy. One quick email, shouldn't take no more than 10-15 seconds, and taa-da! You're in like...Ok enough of these similes.

5. In The Beginning...-
Ok, so here's the convoluted story on how the site you all know and love came to be. Way back in Summer of 2005 I was simultaniously reading two B-Movie/Bad movie sites: and The Agony Booth. (Links found to the right) I was obsessed and read everything in both sites archives. I got done with's and was like "Hm...". Then I thought back to my current movie watching project that I was running then, called Friday Night Video Review. What FNVR was, I would go to the video store each Friday, and pick a movie that I've never seen before and watch it, then write about that movie and my thoughts. It was a proto-type to Invasion of the B Movies, but I did good movies as well. Soon enough I started to realize that my reviews on bad movies were way better and possibly funnier than my good movie reviews, which were just me talking about what happened in the movie and then me going "It was awesome. Four stars" the end. BORING!
Then on August 1st, 2005, my friend Bobbie sent me a little movie called "Dead Alive" which I watched and added to FNVR. Later that week, on August 7th, I would finally get the idea to just go ahead and abandon FNVR and start up a bad movie review site. After spending hours thinking up a name (I honestly don't know where it came from. I guess I was drawing inspiration on old sci-fi movies or something) I created it. The next day, on payday, I bought the .com name and the rest, as they say, is history.
So from August 8th till August 12th (or so) I pretty much uploaded all my b-movie reviews from FNVR to what I now call "the site". This included "Dead Alive", "Rodentz", "Gigli", "Swept Away", "House of the Dead", "Cabin Fever", and "Tomie", among others I'm sure I'm forgetting, while at the same time I was watching every bad movie I could get my hands on and reviewing it for this brand spankin' new site. Those reviews ended up being "Warrior of the Lost World", "Inflated", "Frogs", and "Sleepaway Camp", also among others I'm sure I forgot right now.
So now here I am three years later with a cult following (how ironic), and the biggest recognition I've gotten since then was the webmaster at, Andrew, posted a link to my site in his link section. Then of course the LAMB thing happened, so I think the minor following I got is from one of the two sites, which I am grateful for. Woot and such.
So that was the long boring history of Invasion of the B Movies. And now I'm off for my annual viewing of "Dead Alive".

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elgringo said...

"But if you like/love cats, avoid this movie at all costs."

Holy Moses, I just might have to skip this one. Or buy a copy.

Fletch said...


Keep in mind, the Twilight chick is Mormon. She'll reroute all advances you make on her to Joe Smith.

Rachel said...

Don't worry Jason. Unless you're a 13 year old girl, the Twilight Series probably won't interest you. I'm not a 13 year old girl either, but I was once and so part of me (against my better judgment) is addicted to the series. Nick is going to kill me in my sleep now.

Jason Soto said...

elgringo: I think I made it sound worse than it really is. They show "the bad thing" happen to the cat but it goes by quickly. Still, kinda sucks.

Fletch: even better if she's a mormon, can't they marry more than one person at a time? That'd be awesome.

Rachel: How'd you find out my secret about really being a 13 year old girl??? Now the gig is up and I have to kill this identity and start a new one.
And I'm sure Nick won't kill you. He'll probably just lock you in a room and make you read the series until your eyes are bloody, that's all.

Rachel said...

I have my ways of finding out people's secrets!

I've read (am currently reading) the series, but I'm not sure Nick would appreciate his literary interest being on par with that of a 13 year old girl. Then again, he might.

And since, you have the Twilight teaser up and love low budget stuffs, I saw this homemade spoof of the same trailer today. Laughed my ass off: