Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Blog-A-Thon #7: Dude, Where's My Car?

"Dude, Where's My Car?" gets a lot of flack for being a totally stupid silly movie. Yes, it is a stupid silly movie, but the hatred for this movie doesn't make sense. If you are not a fan of stupid silly movies, then don't watch it. Plain and simple.

"But Jason! I'm a movie fan! And I want to watch ALL KINDS of movies! You can't tell me NOT to watch something!!"

That is true. But before going into it, you should've realized what you were getting yourself into. How you may ask?

The FUCKING title is DUDE! WHERE'S MY CAR?!!! It has the word DUDE!! It's asking a question!! ABOUT A CAR!!! I mean come on!!!!

Jesse (Ashton Kutcher, another sign right there) and Chester (Seann William Scott, sign number 3) wake up after a night of heavy drinking and partying. They can't remember anything they did the night before and in the process, they lose Jesse's car.

So they go on a whirlwind adventure looking for the car. Along the way they meet:
Two sets of aliens, one group a bunch of hot chicks, the other group two Austrian fellows, looking for this thing called the continum transfunctioner.
A transvestite stripper who gave them a suitcase full of money the night before.
A group of cult space alien nerds who want to go to space with the aliens.
Some stupid jocks who want to beat them up for no reason.
A crazy ostrich farmer
And pissed off girlfriends and bosses.

And this movie is loaded with weird stars and cameos like:


Chole from "24" fame

Andy Dick (kinda hard to tell in this photo but it's him, trust me)

And the loveable Hal Sparks.

Eventually everyone meets up, they find the continum transfunctioner, the alien chicks turn into one giant alien chick and the universe is saved. The Austrian aliens (Say that 5 times fast) erase everyone's memories and Jesse and Chester find their car at long last. The girlfriends (one of whom is Jennifer Gardner) get bigger boobs and the movie comes to an end.

There's a lot of stupid childish humor, along with catchphrases the makers were hoping would catch on (What the hell does Shibby suppose to mean?), but dammit! I love this movie! It makes me laugh and why does every single movie need to be so damn serious all the damn time?? Seriously! This is why "Dude, Where's My Car?" is my 7th guilty pleasure.

Guilty Pleasures I Already Reviewed:
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Mass Invader Maria sent me her list of ten guilty pleasures and here they are:
1. Batman and Robin, by far the greatest batman movie ever. I don't get everyone's problem with it.
2. Uncle Buck, pure hilarity.
3. Slap Shot 2 I didn't like the original but this is the best!
4. Shark Boy and Lava Girl, I'm a sucker for anything 3D
5. All the Shrek movies. I thought I was too cool for Shrek, boy was I wrong.
6. Winnie the Pooh, I've seen it 1000 times... since I turned 27.
7. Dungeons and Dragons. Don't bother me while I'm watching this! I'll hurt you!
8. Terms of Endearment Oh so sad it broke my heart into a billion pieces.
9. Nicholas Cage stars in The Wicker Man. Why didn't this win the best picture Oscar?
10. Mannequin, Nothing's gonna stop us now!

Joesph at Cinexcellence posted up his ten guilty pleasures. Check it out, dude!


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