Monday, August 04, 2008

Sorta-Meta: Stepbrothers & Radiohead

Hey folks, I'm writing this out on the road. My bus don't come for another three hours so I got some down time and thought I'd write a post now before I get home and get too tired to do it there.

On Friday I saw "Stepbrothers" and as usual every post I've read was wrong. It's-fuckin-hilarious!! Seriously!! Probably the best Will Ferrell film yet. I was laughing the entire time. Those of you into comedies should check this out, it's definately worth it.

Yesterday, we went to see Radiohead in concert. I'm a casual fan, only knowing a handful of songs, outside the singles that get played on the radio even. But I gotta say they put on a hell of a show. The songs I did know were played excellently and the stage was all light up and bright and just cool looking. I totally dug them. I would fa-sho check them out again whenever they come around this way.

To make this somewhat movie related, here's a review I did for FNVR back in 2004 of the Radiohead documentary "Meeting People Is Easy".

Thanks and see you in Northwest Indiana

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