Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Meta 2: The Wrath of Post!

I could wait to put this in the Five for Friday, but I'm gonna mention this real quickly here.

You know that podcast I been listening to, Cinema Diabolica? Well I called in to their show last week and my voicemail got played! Both of them! Yes...I left two. I wasn't gonna leave two but I had to.

The first one I kinda regret doing now, cause it was just me saying how much I liked their show and that was pretty much it. Then I listened to a particular episode where they talked about guilty pleasures (Hey! That SOUNDS familar...) and Blair Witch 2 came up and I had to come to it's defense. So here is my phone call. And special thanks to G.D for ripping the audio for me. I was gonna record it all ghetto style.

And two, count em TWO reminders!

1. You only have 4 days to enter in my three year anniversary contest and so far I only have 9 people in. One more and the contest happens. So if you're reading this, and you haven't entered, well, gosh darn it, do it! Do it now!

2. Next Monday I start my Guilty Pleasure Blog-A-Thon where each day for the next ten days I talk about ten guilty pleasures of mine. Along with that, I asked the Mass Invaders and my fellow LAMB's to participate, so if you're one of those two and you're reading this, all lists have to be in to me between August 11th and August 20th. If you have your own blog, you can post your list of ten movies on your blog and I'll link to yours. Simple? Simple.

That'll do her.


elgringo said...

Oh man, Guilty Pleasures blog-a-thon. That's awesome. I was floating ideas around for my own blog-a-thon and this one popped in my head.

I'll be writing a couple posts for this one.

elgringo said...
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elgringo said...