Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Poll, Yo!

This started as a conversation with Felicia, which made me feel like a weird freak and a bad movie guy, but now I'm listening to the Cinema Diabolica guys mention this and I don't feel weird anymore.

So tell me where do you sit when you see a movie in a theater.

For the record:
1-Felicia said she and her sisters like to sit in the front rows cause (and I quote) "I like to be engulfed by the screen, almost to the point where you literally have to turn you head left/right to see the whole screen. It's fun to watch movies with a lot of action that way."
2-I like to sit anywhere in the center section but near the isle so I can easily run to the bathroom (I tend to have bladder problems. Sorry for the TMI)
3-The Cinema Diabolica guys more or less agree with me, but it sounded like they like the center part but in the back.

I like the center cause you get a clear view of the screen without having to move your head too much and you can take everything in. So anyway...if I left something out in the options post in the comments, please!


Anonymous said...

I like to sit as near to the very middle of the theater as possible (middle row, middle seats). unless Ron Jeremy is sitting near the aisle, in which case I will sit right behind whatever seat he's sitting in. -Devon

Adam Blank said...

I prefer to sit about 3/4 of the way back, in the center. A very long time ago, I heard Roger Ebert say that this is the best place to sit. When I worked at ShowPlace, I always sat in this area when I snuck into movies on my breaks. It really is the best. Looks like Fatty was on to something.


Rachael said...

In the theater, there is a division between the lower seats and the upper seats where the wheelchair patrons can sit.

I like to sit in the back row of the lower section. It's the only seat in the place (besides the very back row) where there won't be someone right behind me. I hate when people kick the seats and jiggle my chair.

This is close enough to feel like part of the scene but far back enough not to cause neck or eye strain. And rarely are there wheelchair patrons, so it's a very quiet area.

Plus it is easy to find your seat again if you leave to go pee or get foodz.

Fletch said...

I like to sit about 2/3 of the way back, on one of the sides in an aisle seat. Always. Hate hate hate sitting in the center - I have no desire to sit next to anyone other than whoever I'm there with.

I don't get why people are so adamant about sitting in the center - how often are sitting directly in front of your TV at home? Either way, I'm glad you all do - less people near me on the side. :)

elgringo said...

Okay, so there is the front section of chairs. Don't ever sit there, too close, strains my neck.

Then there's the walkway separating the two seating sections. I sit on the front row of the back section, you know, where the bars are at that you can put your feet up at. So, on the poll question, I answered "on the side."