Friday, August 01, 2008

The Three Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

Hey! Do YOU like Invasion of the B Movies?

Then you should join in on the Invasion of the B Movies Three Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

Here's how:
-Send in a email with the subject heading "3 Year Anniversary Extravaganza!" (! Optional)*
-You can say whatever you want in the actual email such as "You rule!" "You suck!" "Why did you hate April Fool's Day? Don't you know that's SUCH A CLASSIC! I HOPE YOU DIE!!" Anything!
-Send the email to invasionofthebmovies at gmail dot com.
-Do this between August 1 and August 11th.

So now you know the how, here's the what! What is the point to all of this?

Well, I feel that I wouldn't haven't lasted 3 years if you guys, dear reader, didn't keep coming back to read it. So I feel like I should give something back (besides kickass reviews) so I wanna run a contest where you win stuff!! Isn't that neat??

Yeah I think so.

Ok so what am I giving away? This is all mainly stuff having to do with the site, with me personally, or whatever. Like:
-A DVD copy of "Dead Alive", the first film to be featured on the site!
-The screener DVD copy of "Murder Set Pieces"
-A VHS copy of a movie I won for free at B-Fest called "Skinned Alive"
-A DVD copy of MY short film "Birthday Present", including bonus stuff! (Note to Radiohead: Don't sue, I'm not selling it for money or profit, I swear!)
-And finally: I was gonna make a T-Shirt with the Invasion of the B Movies logo on it, but since I'm saving money for my move, I couldn't afford to do that, so instead I'll give you a random shirt, picked at random, from my clothes rack!! Yes, an actual shirt actually worn by Jason himself. Isn't that awesome??

And as with any offical contest, there are some rules. Yeah, yeah boo me all you want.

1. The contest will only happen if I get a minimum of ten (10) email from 10 different people. If I don't set this rule up, I'll only get two emails from close friends and the fun will get sucked out of this. I want as many people to participate in this as possible, so I think 10 is a good minimal number.
2. Yes, only one (1) email per person.
3. I don't know if I have people from other countries reading my site/blog but just in case, this is only open to people in the United States, cause sending stuff to other countries would probably cost too damn much. I think Canada would be fine, but after an incident that happened last year, I think I'm pretty much hated by Canadians, so we'll see.
4. On August 12th I will write down all the names on a piece of paper and video tape me pulling the name from the hat and post the video online, then I will email that person back. If that person doesn't email me back with their address within 24 hours, I will draw another name.
5. Void where prohibited. Many will enter, few will win. Send all UPC codes to General Mills-no wait.

And that's it. Thank you all so much for rocking as hard as you do and let's make it four years, huh?


Fletch said...

You were gonna make a TV?!? Wow, you've got mad skillz indeed. :p

Rachel said...

I have a Rachel's Reel Reviews shirt I made. I'm in love with it. But yeah, it was like $25. Most expensive t-shirt I own.

Fletch said...

That's awesome, Rachel. Do you wear it out of the house?

Rachel said...

I do Fletch. It's a black shirt with my logo centered on the front, then the web address printed on the back.

My BF Kyle made fun of me for being "basically a walking ad" for my site. I'm probably going to make a couple more Christmas gifts this year. My mom and Brad said they wanted one too.

Jason Soto said...

Fletch: Funny :P I fixed the typo but keeping your comment to remind myself or something deep.

Rachel: That's awesome that you have a shirt with your logo on it. I keep wanting to make shirts but seems like only I would wear it. I could make my fiancee wear one when she goes out to places but I dunno how happy she'd be with that.

Everyone else: Only two more slots need to be filled for the contest to happen. So if you're reading this and you haven't done it...well why not? Huh? Huh??? HUH????