Monday, August 18, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Blog-A-Thon #8: Idle Hands

I think "Idle Hands" is possibly the first, and maybe only (?) stoner horror movie. Which is why I think it wasn't accepted too well.

It tells the story of Anton (Devon Sawa, the dude from "Final Destination" and "Stan" from the Eminem video), a high school stoner who doesn't really go to school. He gets high with his friends Mick (Seth Green) and Pnub. There's a serial killer loose in the town and it's latest victims is Anton's parents.

Soon, Anton discovers that his right hand is possessed by some evil spirit and is the one doing all the murders. His hand kills his friends, but they come back as zombies, or the undead, take your pick. So now Anton must fight off his hand and try to keep it from his new hot girlfriend, Molly (Jessica Alba).

Eventually, Anton decides to cut the hand in question off, which was a bad idea, cause now the hand is free to do what it pleases. Anton and the undead friends follow it to the high school halloween dance, where The Offspring is performing. (Man, I wanna know how schools in movies get these real bands to play their prom. I mean it took Marcia Brady HOW many tries to get Davy Jones?)

The hand kills everyone from Dexter Holland (The leader singer of The Offspring) to the principal played by Dick Dietrich (Tell me you remember that show. PLEASE tell me you remember that show!). Vivica A. Fox shows up with the only thing that can stop the evil hand and they threw in Jack Noseworthy just for good measure. (You all remember Jack Noseworthy, right?)

Despite having dead parents and dead friends, everything sorta turns out alright. The hand is stopped, the friends go to heaven, and Anton hooks up with Jessica Alba. Not a bad deal after all. Thanks satanic hand!

I'm guessing the main problem about "Idle Hands" is it's not totally explain what's going on. Vivica A. Fox sorta mentions that this spirit looks for a shiftless loser with no direction in his (or her) life and posseses his hand for some reason. The hand thing isn't explained though, which was probably a turn off to people "who want every freakin' thing explained"!

Like I said, it's a stoner horror movie. The three main guys get stoned and there's fucked up scary shit happening, along with good amounts of gore. I think it's up to Seth Rogan and his band of friends to make the next stoner horror movie. That'd be awesome.

With that said, "Idle Hands" is my eighth guilty pleasure.

Oh..right. You want a rating. I mean isn't Jessica Alba's boobs enough of a rating? Obviously I mean 5 stars. Come on!!

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Nick said...

Heck yeah! I love Idle Hands (obviously, as it was one of my own guilty pleasure movies). It sucks that it didn't do well, though. And hey! How can you not list Pnub's actor? Elden Henson is the bomb!

Slayton said...

^ there's my link!

Jason Soto said...

Nick: I didn't really know who Elden Henson was until I looked him up on IMDb. I really didn't know he was Lenny from "The Butterfly Effect" he looks so different. The only other recognizable things are the Mighty Duck movies and...well...yeah.

WaywardJam said...

I totally remember Dick Dietrich and his show! Idle Hands was the best film Alba's ever done, her career since has gone down (like I wish she would to me, boo-yah!)

I also loved your choices of SOAP, Crank, and Cellular - all awesome guilty pleasures. I can't wait to see #10.