Thursday, October 23, 2008

The 9 Days HE Came Home: Day 1-Halloween

Here we go, kicking off 9 days of "Halloween" flicks. First up is a review by Rachel over at Rachel's Movie's Review. If you haven't checked her blog out, you should. She's a MST3K fan to boot! Anyway, here's her review of the one that started it all.

"Halloween" starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleseance.

My Take On "Halloween":
Thinking as a person back in 1978, seeing this for the first time, it'll probably freak me out cause not a lot of movies like this were made at the time. And it's always good to see where a long ass series started from. Kinda too bad it's gonna get stupider the more it goes on, but that's for later. Jamie Lee does a good job as Laurie and The Donald is great. He'll always be Dr. Loomis to me, no offense Malcolm.

The Trailer:

Man, audience's back in 1978 were probably shitting their pants after seeing that in theaters.
See you tomorrow!

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