Monday, October 20, 2008

Eleven More Days Till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

...Lucky Shamrock!

If you're familar with the "Halloween" series, especially "the one that doesn't belong", you'll know where that's from.

Starting Thursday October 23rd, I and some other brave souls, some fellow LAMB's, some fellow Mass Invaders, will be tackling each of the "Halloween" movies, including the Rob Zombie remake that came out last year. I originally called this "9 Days of Halloween" but I'm now changing it to "The 9 Days HE Came Home".'s the tagline from the original film? Remember? Well, when you get it, you'll see how clever it is.

Anyway, good ol' Mrs. Thuro from Rachel's Reel Reviews will be kicking things off on Thursday so come back for that, eh?

Why I'm suddenly Canadian is beyond me. See you on Thursday!

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