Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ad's of the Dead

Normally I'd probably make this one of the Five but I figured screw it and make it a individual post.

You know those Direct TV ad's where they show a quick clip of some movie, then they managed to get one of the actors to look like they did back in that movie and they prattle on about watching Direct TV? Well, I was kinda "eh" about them until this one:

Now I got all kinds of problems with this one. First, wasn't the filming of "Poltergeist" like really fucked up and supposedly haunted? Then there was that whole curse thing where people were getting into car accidents or dying left and right. And speaking of dying, the little girl in the ad, Heather O'Rourke died at like a young age. Maybe I'm being old and cranky or taking this way too seriously, but does anyone else see anything wrong with them "reinacting" this movie just to sell a stupid satellite dish? Like maybe it's a bit morbid?

Shame on you Craig T. Nelson! What, did your "Coach" money run out?


Rachel said...

I agree. It does seem rather insensitive, not to mention a cheap ploy to sell crappy cable.

elgringo said...

First, it's pretty optimistic to think that there was any "Coach Money" and second, the ad didn't seem in too much bad taste to me. Just seemed like every other commercial ripping off a movie I loved during childhood.