Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The 9 Days HE Came Home: Day 7: Halloween H20

Senor Paul over at Careful With That Blog, Eugene (I like that name and I don't know why) wrote up the Halloween Part 7 or as I like to call it:

Halloween Water

My Thoughts:
From 1998 till 2000 I lived in a city called Whiting, Indiana. There's not a lot going on in that town, it only exists to house the huge giant BP Refinery. At some point in 1998, or 99 I think, they opened a little movie theater. It wasn't a multiplex, it was one of those one screen deals, which is cool for nostalgic sakes. Since I also got my first job in 1998 I had my own money to spend. So when H20 came out (guess it was 1998) I saw it opening weekend. Michael Meyers AND Jamie Lee Curtis? On the big screen? Fuck yeah.

That night in 1998 was the first and last time I seen H20. I barely remember it. I remember it took forever for Michael to get to Laurie. I remember thinking it was stupid that "she faked her death". I remember getting annoyed at the kids in the movie, one of whom was that Joseph Gordon Levitt kid, who was riding the pussy train from "3rd Rock From The Sun". I had no idea who Josh Hartnet was back then. And L.L Cool J was in this? Are you serious? I'm guessing this started the trend of having rappers fight Michael (see tomorrow's entry). And it was cutesy to have Jamie Lee's real mom in the movie. Then the ending came and I shouted "Why didn't they think of that 80 movies ago?" I thought for sure this was the end of the series. But...

The Trailer:

Tomorrow it's my turn again. Now how do you suppose they explain Michael coming back? Hmm...?

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