Friday, October 31, 2008

The 9 Days HE Came Home: Day 9-Rob Zombie's Halloween

Here we are, the final night of my Halloween Blog-A-Thon. It's been an interesting trip. Here to take us home is Ross from What I Watched Last Night telling us what he thought of Rob Zombie's Halloween.

My Thoughts:
I'll have to respectfully disagree with Ross. I thought it was an OK movie but Jesus, what was with all the backstory? Did Michael Meyers really needed to be explained THAT much that a good hour or so was filled with Michael as a kid, being crazy, and obsessed with masks? Who cares why he likes masks, the mask makes it all that much creepier. But I have said in the past if there was no previous "Halloween" movie and this movie was "new and fresh", it'd be pretty good. But since we know who Michael Meyers is and he's suppose to be this giant boogeyman that can't be stop, Senor Zombie kinda ruined the fun if you get what I'm saying.

The Trailer:

And that'll do it. Thank you for reading all 9 days of posts, it was fun. Who knows what I'll cook up next year. Guess we'll see.

If the boogeyman doesn't get me first...

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Reel Whore said...

I've yet to find a Zombie film that is really strong, start to finish. Seems like he always goes out a little too far into left field.
Maybe Tyrannosaurus Rex will be different.