Friday, October 17, 2008

Five For Friday: October 17th, 2008

This edition of The Five is dedicated to my mom, who had a birthday yesterday! Aww...aren't I sweet?

1. Don't Be Religulous-We saw the Bill Maher movie "Religulous" last Saturday. The entire movie was just him questioning different beliefs but he was never mean about it, at least I don't think. He did make fun at different individuals, but it wasn't ever about their beliefs, so that's a plus side. What I liked about the movie was the certain movie clips or TV clips he'd insert to punctuate a point. If you are highly religious then you probably shouldn't see this movie. But if you are a fan of Bill's show "Real Time" then you should enjoy this movie.

2. America, Stop It Already!-Ok...maybe I was a bit harsh last week. Maybe you read my blog and said "Screw you Soto!" and just went and did what you wanted. So now I'm asking nicely. Don't let "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" be the number one movie for the third week in a row. Look! You got options this time! "W" opens! "Max Payne" opens! That Movie With The Black Chicks and Their Big Boobs (Oh and Dakota Fanning's Somehow Involved) open this weekend! Hell even the "Superbad" rip off "Sexdrive" opens this weekend! See one of those!! For the love of GOD DON'T SEE BEVERLY HILLS RAT AGAIN!!!!
Seriously, it's #91 on the Bottom 100. That don't make sense! UGH! My head...

3. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!-We are now in Defcon 4. Or 5. Whatever.
They made a FOURTH Fast and the Furious movie. And it's called..."Fast & Furious".
Need proof?

Hug your loved ones, Armageddon is upon us.

4. Then There's This-Zac Efron Is Gonna Play Kevin Bacon's Role in The Remake of "Footloose". Zac Efron...director of "High School Musical"...remake of "Footloose"...I need a beer.

5. Speaking of Drunks-We are going to see "W." tomorrow. I have my doubt's that it's a real look into the life of George W. Bush, but just some made up account through the eyes of Oliver Stone. So expect cartoons to appear in the background for no reason and a lot of shaky camera movements.

Sorry if the majority of this Five was just me ranting and whining but you get what you pay for.

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