Sunday, October 12, 2008

The VHS Dump

I was looking at my site the other day and decided to really crack down and figure out all the reviews that need to be updated. After writing all of them down, I went to see how many of them are available on DVD. To my dismay, I found a bunch weren't on DVD and probably never will.

Not knowing what to do, I decided to leave these reviews the way they are and seperate them into a new feature called "The VHS Dump", which are movies that were only reviewed on VHS and I have no ways of getting the images for.

"But Jason, there are ways to hook up a VCR to your computer to get images"
True, but it costs money and computer installation know-how and I don't have neither, so hell with it, VHS Dump it is!

This also gives me a good excuse to review these VHS movies that have that also appear to never show up on DVD. So if you'd like to see what these VHS movies are, take a look at this page.

1 comment:

elgringo said...

A killer elevator? One star???
Damnit. Time to make an awesome American remake!